Celebrity empress cuck thread number 5trillion

celebrity empress cuck thread number 5trillion

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still here, until i make dinner.

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Lil Ari!

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jason ?

>best celeb

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why is the world lacking in wholesome these days? we need it more than ever.

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you can be a good slut and give that ass up to chaddy. I know you're dying to.

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you do literal porn , retard.

Ouch, hope it gets better quick, I blow in your hand and boop you.

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i do porn?

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One and only queen

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I try to be as wholesome as I can, everyday

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Blowing doesn't help there...

good idea

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he took some heroin for the pain. he loopy but fun

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try to do it knightley as well. lol

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we doin this right here right now?
you wild chadster

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try and make sense next time

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no u

why is she so purdy?

I been trying to figure that out tbh. look at these qt ears

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Nice, chivalry is pretty underrated these days

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but those eyes do it for me

we need a lot of classic to come back in style

You think it‘s like those jellyfish stings and I should pee on it?
Well then he on cloud 9 I‘m surprised he even feels his hand then.

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cuck me mommy

feeling like we can't go back

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there is no such thing. only ur lies u keptt from me 2 rape me freely

That's nasty

Here, some tongue skills

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Coal burning monkey jizz swallower

I do agree with that

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20 dollar dumpster slut

honestly ur raping those celebs cuz u dont even have the balls 2 try to tell them your story. you'd be suprised maybe they say yes. u need 2 man up sorry


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Just wanna help ya know.
That‘s a cute webm, I saw the same with another qt, seems to be a trend.

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Dey give me something to spray my jizz on...

how many more of them do you want to lose to the white man?

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Yes it is. A tik tok trend I support

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Needs a kawn mower for those eyebrows...Imagine what a jungle her minge is!

20 pounds actually
shes british

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Hey sleepyhead
Everything tung mouf related is good. Was Weihnachtsmarkt nice today, except the hand thingy?

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She clearly weighs more than 20 pounds.

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so a slightly better quality slut, given the exchange rates!

I obviously couldn't do it today

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i promise as long as u are cumming 4 me ONLY cuz u are IN LUV WITH MY PERSONAlITY . then u will cum 5ever

this one goes out to the one I love....

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Who is this 3 holed wonder?

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u really luv her?

I didn’t know when it happened ya doofus

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Sounded harsher than I meant it...

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Hope you're doin great

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Charli XCX is 5' 3'' tall, the average for women is 5' 4'' (in the US but I believe it to still be applicable.) The average weight of a woman is 170.6 pounds (again US.) I believe we can both agree she is at least of average proportions, if not more well endowed than average. Unless this 1'' of height shaves off 150.6 pounds, I believe we are safe to assume she is over 20 pounds. Sorry for not being metric.

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boutta start stalking chad tbh lads
the magical charles
(charli xcx)
thats a lot of assuming you're doing there boy
sometimes miracles happen

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I am an absolute dream, yourself? And do I even need to say it? You know you have made my night better just by being around.

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this is the day, your life will surely change

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Still a 20 dollar back alley whore

u first (w/o me >:(

You rude fuck
Burns are mean, you a brave derp, valued the glühwein over your health :D

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It's true, but sometimes some assumptions are safe to make. My dog weighs more than 20 pounds and he is much smaller than Charli, albeit thiccer.

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When the adrenaline kicked in I felt no pain at all

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hi Dredd . be fastter next time slut cuz God tole me not 2 make anymore "new threads

not gonna wait around. justt gonna go do somethting else and u will have 2 wait for me. so ur plan is gay

you rn

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do you and your dog vibe to carly tunes together

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I think I'm at a point in life where I have no idea how the heck I'm doing, heh
That's good to hear though, I appreciate you too

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Charlie would totes diddle ur rig for a cig

I don't think vj likes to share, Maddies bf better watch it

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did that guy say wabbledee dabbledee
same actually

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Sure do. Carly and Tswift 24/7. For the record I believe that you way overestimated how angry I was with you, I just hit you with lile 2 "K"s. Although it did annoy me when bd asked if I didn't like ya.

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You’re the rambo of glühwein pouring, I‘m sorry it happened, next year will be snowy with lots of qts

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i'm back again

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I actually show u the best vids regularly
underappreciated tbh

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I hope so. At least I saw lots of cutes

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who is this?

Well hey I don't know if that's good or bad or neither. To be honest it does sound bad. Happy to lend ear if you'd like, or just remind you how appreciated you are. You just let me know cute stuff.

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i would really like htat, if u are talking 2 me ;_;

What's popping Bridenon?

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im your bride ?

three Ks actually
like i said
its beef season
we instigating all 2020
so even if you dont hate me
pretend you do
itll be funny i swear
come dsquared with me right now geeg
lay every cunt out there

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Asa Akira

That is a lewd pic.
I found nice camis today but not on pc atm :(

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>still thinking it's sweet

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Lily Chee
Why not? :(

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Bridenon's back
Tell a friend
I'll figure that out, I think
Nah, you don't have to, you're doing enough already

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Yea I knew there were three but you clearly knew I wasn't angry after the first one. I can't act like we're beefing sorry buster brown, what I can do is be loving and supportive if that helps.
You feelin' any better hot stuff?

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>Nah, you don't have to
Believe you me, I want to. Regardless I'm happy to just be a goober to goof around with in the threads if you'd prefer ;>

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I‘m a couch burrito and phone postan.
Omg O.O

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Who is this goddesss