Jersey Thread

Jersey Thread

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can we get some long valley wins


Ocean county?



bump for long valley

Monmouth County.

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Kik hollyylollie, they have a ton of Bergen win

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Any 201?

Kik hollyylollie for 201 wins

any 732?


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Oof that ass... More? Where from?

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river vale

Camden county here

Anyone here trying to fuck?
Salem county

I would drive all the way up there just to smell her pussy


Any MSU?

I’m looking for Pennsville.
Kik luv2share00

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looking for wayne/973 anons


Monmouth county kik?

732 lessss geauxxx

Any Galloway/absecon?

Any Weehawken/North Bergen area?

I have Alex Giordano for trade



any whrhs 15 16?

why do NJ threads always suck so much compared to other states? We have so many sluts here and yet nothing gets posted. WTF

what county?

need the vid of her can any anons help me out

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Bergen/Rockland NY border

Barnegat here

Barnegat here

Sorry that's Staten Island NY

Sorry that's Staten Island NY

Who ya got

Any newer Mahwah wins?

What's a Mahwah win mean?

From a few towns away got any good ones?

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go on...

Any Atlantic County BBWs?

Any Rockaway or Denville?

Hollyylollie has a ton of 201 wins on kik

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Garfield or bogota anyone? I have a few

609 EHT , Mays landing Kik share

Any Nicole coney from Millville area

Bump 609

Dubs and trips

Any Marlton or Cherry Hill?


Any newer Gina P from Freehold? Saw the classic GRP1127 Photobucket dump from years ago and would love to see what she looks like today.

What part

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Can we get a Hannah magnes I know someone has her from the 856/609

Mays landing ,EHT , somers point, Atlantic City bump

Arielle Russ from Vineland ?

Amber Kauffman Vineland

Mercer county?

Atlantic county bump

Got anyone?


Will share kik with Mayslanding / EHT wins

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Paris Vineland area

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Bump 609


bump for any long valley wins


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Who’s from Maywood?

Top notch thread guys, really. Keep up the good work

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Have 201/973 on my laptop. Will get it if anyone else has anything worthwhile

Towns ?

What town? Looking for CMC

Woodcliff lake, Montvale, pompton, Hillsborough, maybe a few others

I have some Garfield, maywood, Hackensack, bogota, river edge, fair lawn and upper saddle river

All I know is fairlawn or USR 2011,12,13

Pull up y'all
G g 4ChZB2k
Plenty of room

My USR is like 2002

Any more?

Atlantic county


Bump 609 Cape May County


Cape may County never gets shit in these posts.