Bois, im kinda in a shit situation

bois, im kinda in a shit situation.
my car ran out of gas (civic hatch 4gen)
and i dont have a lic.
now im stuck in a spot i cant really b parked at.
any way OP needs gas money
there any sugr daddy here?
dont need much.
i dont even know if this post gon b deleted in a sec or not.
Also I can’t post my btc wallet it seems. any ideas 4 that?
in return u get an iou a succ card.

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Post ur pic

Sharpie in pooper

Timestamp and I'll give you $10

u mean with the car?

No ur tits

Imma b pushing it of the road rn. File was too large so a screenshot of the pic

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Hows this for a stamp?

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> Driving without a license.
> Goes someplace without the means to return.
> Goes someplace without money

Lets not reward stupidity /b

ever done somethin stupid?

I'd help out but I'm a poorfag, hopefully an user will deliver

Sent ;)

appreciate it, anyway. thx

wait for someone to drive by and ask for help is all I can say because this happened to me all the time a couple years back. And people used to help me all the time. Even the gas station near me helped me as long as I paid them back the next day. If there's a gas station near you, go there and figure out an IOU situation.

how does one post a btc wallet here?to where? ;)

i dont think a gas station would do that kind of thing here.
well i pushed it off the road. and so far the only car that passed was cops lol.
but ill be on the lookout for good samaritans ofc

but oh, the license situation does kinda suck, good luck with that part.

Dis. You can make a deal with a gas station. Just leave them your info and pay tomorrow.

would ppl really do that in eastern europe?

Of course. I did that one time already. Even tho I always make sure that I have enough gas.

I'm not sure. The gas station I did it at where I lived wasn't a big time gas station, so I had to leave something of value and maybe some ID (not the license which you don't have) but you have to pay back literally the next day or they'll call the cops on you. Yes they'll call the cops on you for 20 bucks or even 10 worth of gas. and in your position you definitely don't want that.

Never one of the 3 things listed.

Also how do you think you're going to use the money people are supposed to add to your bitcoin wallet to buy gas?

was plannin on converting 2 paypal

So then why don't you do that with your own bitcoin in your wallet? And don't know many gas stations that take paypal either.

Also, if the cashier at the gas station is a nigger, offer him a mobile phone or an ID card or something to ensure him you'll pay fair and square. 99% will let you get a little gas to get to home.

Post ur PayPal or venmo u giga retard

i have an empty btc wallet.
i havent really though this through, i know that.
ive never shilled for money in my life. i dont know the perfect way.
sadly never seen a nigger in a gas station. xd
we have like 10 niggers in the country thank god.

[email protected] paypal
dont dox me pls

im not gonna post my pp on this fuckin site
is there any other way?

hold on ill stamp it 4 u

[email protected] paypal
I know imma giga rtrd btw

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Sent ;)

Hey, since this seems to be the dedicated beg thread...

I want like 30-40 bucks to get a D&D book for Christmas. I wanna get it as a gift for our whole group to enjoy.
I'll take any and all donations, even a dollar will bring me closer to my goal. I only have about 6 dollars to far lol
(or [email protected])
Heck, I'll even take giftcards like on steam or whatever, I can just buy tf2 items and resell them on third party sites for actual money. Yes, I'm poor and desperate lmao...

Thanks and merry Christmas!

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no recieverino :'(


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Picture shows it being dark and rainy. Sun was still up in the U.S. when you posted that.

People sure are gullible on here.


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im not in us.
eastern europe

The US isn't the entire fucking universe dumbass.

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