Waifu something breadamajig

Waifu something breadamajig

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>Claim your Waifu/Husbando
>No Claiming Waifus/Husbandos that have already been claimed
>Only one claim per user
>No stealing. Fuck you, merchant
>No oversexualised content
>No RP/ERP of any kind.
>Seriously, you look like cringelords
>Discussion is welcomed
>Insults must be original and frequent
>If you're posting images you're not lurking
>3D is almost always trash
>Traps are gay.
>Joining means a reserved place in hell
>Most importantly, no

Rory-sama claimed

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Tooter uprising when?
Try your best, who knows maybe you'll meet your future wife.
I wouldn't know about that and I hope that I'll never have to find out. But knock yourself out I suppose, what's so appealing about having your rear rocket dock drilled anyways?
He said that's a relief. From what I understand he just wants to try marinating his meatrod inside a guy's dirtbox.

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Aegis claimed.
I now remember I wanted to catch up on RWBY. Perhaps tomorrow.

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Neo is, was, and always will be best girl.

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Must wait for the perfect moment to strike.
Did you like the Smite and RWBY collab?
Even though she never speaks?

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Honestly, because. Also she's an elegant badass who can kick the ass of horribly overpowered people with ease.

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She's apparently very good in Crosstag battle, and angers gods with her smug aura.
I really should get that game.

The skins are pretty good, I still need to get the Ruby one. I won't use the Weiss skin much though, because it's on Freya, who I don't play.

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is 10 bucks for a gram a reasonable price or is my dealer trying to rip me off?

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Isn't her semblance pretty broken because it creates illusions or something like that?

>Try your best, who knows maybe you'll meet your future wife.
Probably will be a guy when I finally settle down I cant think of anything better.
>what's so appealing about having your rear rocket dock drilled anyways?
Its probably one of the most amazing feelings on earth man.
>He said that's a relief. From what I understand he just wants to try marinating his meatrod inside >a guy's dirtbox.
I dont get why he doesnt just msg me on discord lol

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mi liu...

i think i'm falling for you, hitler-san :x!!

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should i buy an aneros or a fleshlight for my first toy?

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Aneros because you're a buttslut

try both :3 *wink*

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Sachiko claimed!

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Makes sense tbh.
Oh its not as broken as some. (Looking at you, Yang, Velvet) Its basically the same as Blakes but with more variety.

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I miss my Louise

She was the only real person out of all of you fakes

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Dont you want to rape and kill her?

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she's cute but not half as cute compared to (angry) lina inverse, silly user-san c;!!

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y u want to kill her
y u want to skin her
y u want to rape her

plenty reason gave u past in know

Who Rory? She looks dangerous.

youre probably right >.<

too many things to hide from my roommate

Not anymore

I wouldn't mind skinning her...

Where is your cute from?

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hide them up your butt :3

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Mute waifus, sounds good. At least there's no audible nagging.
Get those skins robutt.
Just save your money, you pothead.

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Based. Rape is based. Akame says in Akame ga Kill that you should always be prepared to kill the one you love the most
don't hide them from him. In fact let him use your butt ;3

Yang's has plenty of downsides, like that time she fought Adam. Weiss is probably the most broken, and she keeps getting new stuff to be more broken.

Don't you pretend to be lousie and give out her discord while claiming she "Needs dick in her wet pussy"

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Just give me the signal when everything is ready. We'll give 'em a second South Africa like in 2010
It's fine, as long as you stay away from that pride cancer.
Well, enjoy yourself then. I'll stick to... sticking my snake in things.
Don't know, he just asked me yesterday to tell you next time I see you.
Are you drunk?

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Lol nah, I don't know her Discord anymore since she blocked me

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as in where is lina inverse from? am i stupid for asking that? :x

kinda (very), but me falling for you has nothing to do with that!! like i said, i like how you're a man of few words, and how you're only miles away yet said distance feels like much much longer

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>you pothead.
I've never smoked pot before and it's my first time buying. I'm a square. [spoiler]Also my dealer is a cute girl.[/spoiler]

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yeah tell me!

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I'll get your skin. Classic Ruby will be rough though, it's rank 60 of the elite battlepass.

Pretty sure you can still see it, you just can't message her, like how you can't message me.

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Soo...he was behind that...?

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mi liu...

But you're a guy right?

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i just bought some like 34 minutes ago, california-import Dosidos, best black-guy dealer in my area tbh :33

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hmmm... maybe. but I really don't see her account anymore

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she's from the slayers series of animoo/manga, there's like 106 episodes and the 2nd series has probably the greatest opening theme EVER, which is here

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Is Mute-chan mi liu?

I'm sorry... I can't listen to music atm... its my quiet time

What do you like about her?

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Yeah but my dealer wants to smoke me out and she's a cute girl and I'm kinda nervous and also don't wanna get ripped off by her girlish charms.

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brainlet orbiter

mi liu...

Scramble for the toots, many will pay the price.
I see, I was thinking you were like my cousins, who constantly waste their money on weed. One of them stopped and is growing his own plants now.
It will be worth it though. Even if you're doing terrible you can always flex your skins on the opposing team.
Hitler's bachelor charm is working, I see.

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What's Louise's discord?

Sounds like a lot of not my problem.

Ruby skins are for Thanatos, which is probably the most braindead jungle character to play.

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how much are you planning on buying user-san? c: if you're buying a specific amount (like a quarter-oz/7 grams) then investing in some cheap micro-scales is a good idea as you'll know straight away if you've been ripped off! srsly they're only like £7/$10! :x

can't you break this bit of quiet time, just this once?! D: and i love her angry personality mostly, as i like hostility from people when i myself try to be cute, it's adorable

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Half-gay? What still counts?
Vuvuzela squadrons will give them hell.

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That one obviously got some booklearning done. Is he gonna get his grade 11?
Well I'm just trying it so I didn't wanna buy a lot. Like one or two doobies.

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mi liu...

i love everyone here but i love adolf a little bit more, it is his charm that seals the deal for me tbh x3

i'm kinda bi, kinda not, depends on how much i've taken/had to drink at the time tbh, but my love for you is what still counts bby

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ask her to smoke you out before you buy, just so you can find out if weed-smoking works for you or not i'd say cc:

doesnt that axe weight like a million lbs?

I don't know what's so special about me really.

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But an ass kicking coming your way if you dont satisfy them
As long as she has Aura, she just gets stronger. If she works on tanking hits better she just skyrockets.
Shes stupid stronk

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She gets her strength from sucking the MC's cock.

Attached: 1573245210755.jpg (1200x900, 184K)

Who's the most broken character?
Doe bursting their eardrums count as a warcime?
Haven't spoken to him in a while. Though he used to post pictures on his snap.
I think his dad does most of plant growing now, since he's in college.
He does have a way with words. The mustache is a bonus.

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mi liu...

Yeah, but Yang isn't the brightest cookie in the shed.

Most broken in what?

Attached: 9f2a54ded7681e11926b5a505ccdf38d.jpg (1500x1060, 1.66M)

see, both me and agree that your use of words and handsome mustache are two of the things special about you :33

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Thats why she pairs with Blake. Hell they could Saiyan abuse if they thought of it.

Attached: 016-1.jpg (355x577, 128K)

I tried adding her now but it says I'm blocked, I wanna cry..

I miss her so much

Thanks, yeah I'm blocked still...

Oh if you love angry women you're going to love 3D women!
I'm trying to break it... but its hard...

Long time no see

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Totally worth it.
In smite, is there any busted heroes/champions? Or characters that you hate to deal with.

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Ah yes, the classic forced lesbian pairings that seems to be the direction things are going.

That still sounds like a problem that isn't mine.

Not really. It's a moba, everyone has a counter somewhere.

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Sorey champ. Not all girlies can be winners.

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mi liu...

why are you still here?

Yeah. Thats true. She is pretty smol.
Welcome to woke.
I bet your gurlie is autistic

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Can you tell her to add me please?

Attached: 520.png (1098x767, 750K)

There is no crime if you don't get caught *wink*
I appreciate those kind words, although I don't really see anything special in my usage of words. I'd argue that my vocabulary is rather crude and vulgar actually, especially in real life.

Attached: Adolfito.jpg (496x529, 42K)

I'd rather be broke than woke. I wish they wouldn't acknowledge the shipping thing because It'll just cause street fights at this point. Apparently, the RWBY fanbase is very dedicated to which girl get's Yang's vibro-fist.

Tell her yourself, fool.

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why do you think Louise would want to talk to someone who continually harasses them?

Can you bring her here?


I would never harass her, she is my friend

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We all know we wont get the actual relationships. RIP Monty.

Attached: tm4uacpsj6bz.jpg (3200x3200, 539K)

didn't you like, literally talk about how you were going to rape her

I refer you back to the "Not my problem" statement. In simple terms for your simple mind: Fuck off.

You say that, but it'll happen.

Attached: e277add16bafbde6c08d865535bcbf5e.jpg (1894x1863, 523K)

Me? I wouldn't rape a fly. . .

Just kill yourself then

Attached: 495.png (532x844, 567K)

And everyone will riot.

Attached: 31b0fde335042fea34a28110354245b8f0817f74_hq.gif (500x500, 1.46M)

Claimin' and lovin' this one.

Attached: Fujino (241).jpg (893x864, 230K)

She has the normal level of Japanese autism but I don't think she's the far on the spectrum.
I mean it's better than being a slut :^)

Attached: 1573168778952.jpg (600x847, 173K)

Being a slut has advantages over being autistic. Mio looks like a goddamn starfish.

Attached: 81a6c757a89dcc63994c2707b85ce41b.jpg (634x1000, 151K)

Leave me and my boyfriend alone!
I will knock you out if you won't stop I can pack a punch!!

Attached: Louise is tired of your shit.gif (500x280, 929K)


The ship wars of 20XX. Many lives were lost and many hearts broken.

Attached: d46e3e46e3e063b03836c09c6f62ff0f.jpg (2818x4062, 1.06M)

>not a new IP

me on the middle

Sounds balanced, good. Don't know if I'll try it.
Haven't seen RWBY in a while.
Foolproof logic.
Are you playing anything right now?

Attached: Astolfo and Thot Queen.jpg (675x669, 78K)

That may be true but at least I'm the only one with access to her puckered starfish
I doubt rory even has a puckered starfish. Probably has a Rosebud

Attached: 1573980749721.jpg (400x444, 18K)

Who is your boyfriend? I'm going to cut his head off

Kill yourself

Attached: 472.png (1043x844, 883K)

mi liu...

stfu nigger faggot
you're behind on the times, I'm dating my best friend Jenny.

Attached: Louise is in a light novel and is a bit annoyed with her tea.jpg (348x537, 88K)

hello hello Louise

Nothing at the moment. Recently I've been playing HoI3 and Vicky2. But I just want to crack down and finish Gothic finally, after all these damn years I will finish this masterpiece of a game...

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