What does Sup Forums think about Tristana

What does Sup Forums think about Tristana

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would Sup Forums like to cum in her tight yordle pussy

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yordles are cute af
i wish i could have one to hug trough the winter
i would bend lower to look that cute yordle in the eye and give her lots of love
i'm really lonely

Which one tho?

cartoon character in a video game. should not be sexualized. we do, however, live in a world where children are not forced to grow up so many grow up to be degenerates like yourself.

really any one of the purple/blue ones
trist and poppy are really cute

i could have a thing with real girls but i always shoot them down, latest girl was really a chubby cutie and she was interested in me
but she is not really smart, only focused on feelings, she knows whats love and whats feelings but she is not interested in learning anything or get smarter, she only cares about love

idk what to do

say whatever you want mate, as long as it helps you sleep better at night

ill always pictured poppy has a bit of chubbyness under all that armour

idk man im not thinking about it much, i'm just a lonely dude that wants some love in the winter

everyone wants someone to hug under a warm blanket

i want to hug poppy while tristana gives me oral pleasure

>she knows whats love and whats feelings but she is not interested in learning anything or get smarter
congratulations, you have unlucked new content: women.
if you want to fuck someone smart, become gay and fuck a guy.

no, seriously. you can get smart conversations elsewhere.
a heartful loving beautiful intelligent smart woman... guess what, that one's not been single since she's 14. and anyone not an utter retard isnt giving her away

Soo...he was behind that...?

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yeah i know, but im really old fashioned and romantic, i can't let my dreams die
i want a relationship with someone that makes me happy, i can overlook a lot of things, but this girl is really not feeling like she is interested in me
she is interested with love since she is lonely and i don't want to waste my time on that
plus her dad abused her and i don't think it's healty for me to get into this...

but thanks for the advice user

shit champ

yooo, get the fuck away from her.
abused chicks are NO BUENO
dont stick your dick in crazy!!!!

no worries, someone else will come along.

i really just want someone to love and that will be able to deal with my mood changes
depression hits me like a train in some periods and im getting retarded, it hurted a lot of relationships i had with people and with my health

i'm not well, but if i'm broke i don't want to be with a crazy bitch, i want someone to support me

if you want serious advice, listen up, cause this is the only i can give you:
people are unreliable and cheat and are assholes.
get a dog.
it is loyal, it will never hurt you or leave you and loves you unconditionally. you can cuddle a dog, it is warm and likes to cuddle as well.
it makes you stand up in the morning to go for a walk and starts shitting in your house if you dont take care of it, so no more leeching around like a slob. this helps you deal with depression.
it has been proben that dogs reduce stress and mental strain.
and as an added bonus, women like dogs as well and you meet new people because of them. (especially while its still a puppy)

everything else is uncertain and i cant help you.

my family dog is really old and suffer from a lot of health conditions right now

i won't be able to befriend any animal after him, he was raised int oa shitty dog by my brothers but i still love him, i can see him suffering and having trouble breathing and what not

it's just too hard thinking about anything but him

Absolutely fucking busted in the mid lane right now, can even counter assassins and all she has to do is auto attack.

awww, fuck.
well, i needed about 2 or 3 years after the death of my old dog to collect myself.
still, having one by yourself and teaching it is something entirely different than a family dog.
its a blank slate, so to speak.
im in a better place now, better than i deserve.
i hope you get there someday too.

inferior in every way to Annie

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