Ran out of wincest reading material

ran out of wincest reading material

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Wheres the rest!

that's the point

that's the point

The end is really sad

y'all keep bumpin' 'til there's more, ya hear?

Let me be sad god damn it


Not OP but you'll thank me later

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i had sex with my older brother for five years, starting when i was twelve and he was sixteen. we stopped having sex after he got into a serious relationship with a girl who is now his wife.

God fucking damnit I need the rest

this is a long read but im in an anxious mood and i gave a feelling it will end bad

Full Story?


they have sex in the shower, and once more during a movie in the friend's garden, gal fucked under a blanket while her dad's watching or some shit

the full story is five years worth of regular sex. i'll tell the first time though.
at the time we used to watch movies and cuddle pretty regularly. one night he started touching me in a pretty non-brotherly sort of way. he was very careful at first, and stopped the moment i moved. i liked it and was pretty curios about sex at the time, and he eventually realized that. then it was just typical escalation, over clothes, then under clothes. groping, then fingering. after i started sucking him off we dropped the movies and he would just ask me to "help him with something" in his room. we didn't start kissing or making out until after we actually had sex, and then it was only when i initiated kissing. i knew it was leading to sex eventually, so i wasn't surprised when he asked me to lay down on his bed one day. i was obviously pretty nervous. we didn't use any protection the first few times, then he started keeping condoms around until our mom put me on birth control. it was a pretty good situation. sex pretty much on demand, and time with my big brother. after he started college it dropped down to only during breaks, and then he started dating his wife. we had a talk about it when he announced the engagement. he didn't feel like we could have a real relationship and should move on and grow up. there's not really anything i could have done that would have ended well. that's life i guess. sorry it isn't more erotic, i'm not a very good writer and don't want to write terrible descriptions of sex.

Do you regret it and did it affect your personal (sexual) life or relationships?

i regret that it ended, not that it happened. i've tried dating and having sex with other guys, but it's just not the same. idk what it is aside from the incest aspect.

Not really helping you with the reading part, but my sister and I sext frequently. Hope that counts

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That sucks. Sorry to hear that. Do you only get off on incest porn as well or can you masturbate to other stuff as well?

Who are you fucking now? Does he/she know?

??? you don't need porn to get off. i makes it better usually, but you don't need it.
i've given up on dating, and am afraid of casual sex. probably will remain the unmarried aunt for the rest of my life.

You should try lesbianism.

pretty sure that's not how that works, also no sisters

I'm a dude and can't cum without porn, unless I'm really horny and wanking one out in the shower.
Women are more sensitive, that's true.

also no sisters


>can't cum without porn
i am in the same ship, at last my gf thinks i do it cus i dont want childs, and is half truth lol
also shes not pretty good on sex

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i usually say nofap is bullshit, but have you guys tried just not masturbating so much?

I'll die if i dont fap everyday

Never tried it, but I am thinking about it.

she dont like i masturbate, so i only do it when i am absolutelly alone, that would be like 1-2 times aty week, and yeah i been thinkin on stoping completelly so my dick would regain sensibility but i am very weak willed, especially for xev, tara and incest

Dicks have no sensibility.

what about the head ??

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Fucking retard.

Nice what pictures did you get from her

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Your screenshot contains the first 74 pages in a total of 369 pages that can all be found as a text file that you can read at (or copy / download from) :


Need to know the end

bump again

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Yeah so I'm just scrolling and wanted to say this photo is absolutely insane. She's like an 8.6 working at fucking dominos. Just wow.

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