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Pull down those panties

What after that?

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Take off her panties, and do everything with her butt, butthole, and pussy

Anything else more you care to go in to detail?

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Get my cricket bat and beat the decency back into that whore.

Mmmm, ok, i would sniff and kiss her butthole, and grab her buttocks, and get hot dogged, more... ?

id get a better camera

What next would love to hear you be rough with her also what else you wanna see?

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wwyd to this 18yr old slut?

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Would literally fuck the breath outta her,then likewise her soul

Smell her butt

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Her butthole... please ? And i want to fingering her butthole while kissing her, and i will spank her butt, and fisting her butthole

What you wanna see next and how would you do that?

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She’d like that what else?

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Ok my friend, and i want to fuck her pussy while kissing her, and then i will grag her butt, and fisting her pussy, then i want to fuck her urethra, i'm just getting hard of thinking about it

she looks like a real comfy fuck, the kind of girl youd want in winter and you just dont leave the house for the weekend and just repeatedly pump her then jizz all over those tits


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What else?you saving?

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your pictures fucking suck


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Hmmm, and i want to get a footjob from her, and i want to tounge kiss her while fucking her pussy, and i want her to sit on my face, i want her to give me a footjob with pink or blue socks, and i want to fist her pussy while fisting her butthole

Fuck are you spot on with that. She loves getting her throat fucked too. Loves it messy

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Get it off drugs and on a diet make it excercise also

Any nudes of these sluts

What else

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Who’s she to you I’d fuck that ass

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lil sister of a friend

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no but wwyd?

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Hmmm, i want her to Head down Ass up, and i want to fuck her pussy and butthole everyday

Id fuck her throat hard show more

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What else

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ask her if she has a thicc black friend....

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Definitely fucking the shit out of her tight little pussy

Aaaah, that ass, i want to lick, kiss, fingering, sniff, and bury my face in her buttcrack, i want to lick her under her butt, and getting hot dogged while she is laying like that

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What else where would you cum?

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Ooooh, that's right, sorry i completely forgot it, yes ! I want her to give me a footjob and i want to cum on her feets, then i want to fuck her butthole and cum alot in her butthole, and i want to fuck her pussy while kissing her, and i will throbbing inside her pussy while cum inside 5 times and it's leaking out from her pussy

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She’d love that anything else you wanna di

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