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Draw thread
just a drawthread edition

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Draw me getting sucked off:

Vid relates; is me.


Don't forget this one!

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am just stuck in this modernist statue

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/r/ the cute reindeer girl in the left pic naked and being groped by a bunch of elves just like Clockwork Orange screen cap in the right pic.

Alternatively, the boy in the left pic could also be grabbing her exposed tits. Either way, someone's getting a handful of this reindeer's tits!

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The true problem with Sup Forums drawthreads is the focus around the individuals and not the content. It's literally the opposite of what imageboards were created for.

The people here FORCE identification onto the posters here. People will blame the avatarfags, and while they are in part responsible, they're not the root of the problem. They're merely a symptom, a symptom that reinforces the negative behavior of focusing around the individual, the persona, and not the content being produced.

You'll see that other drawthreads focus on the content. Hell, you'll see that on literally every other thread on the site. It creates a unique, and ultimately positive, culture that focuses on the production of entertaining and intellectually vigorous content, depending on the board and thread that is. Imageboards were designed to negate the individual, the persona. They're designed to destroy any attempt at attention whoring. It's why we have no likes, no favorites, no user accounts, and with Sup Forums in particular, no namefag option. There's a reason why people on imageboards generally dislike namefags, tripfags, and avatarfags. It's because it's a direct attack on the very culture of imageboards. No one cares about you. They only care about the content you post.

Yet here, in these threads, there are anons that insist on going against everything imageboards stand for, and they found a loophole to allow their attention whoring nonsense. Personalities are the focus on these threads, not the content. And much like you'd see on social media whose very design also focuses on the individual, you're left with old, recycled, unoriginal content combined with nonsensical attention whoring and endless bickering.

As long as people focus on the individuals posting here and not the content, these threads are going to be exceptionally shitty

sup you nerds, fucklords, and gheybos.

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taking reqs?

How are you, Trinket? What's new?

kill yourself nigger

feel free to make em
just finished playing some vidya. my dnd group couldn't meet up today.

could you draw this furry boi but in your artstyle?

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Sorry to hear that Trinket.

/r/ you fighting a flesh jelly!

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Requesting her summoning a lil demon

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Requesting a conjoinment of a female anthro Gothitelle and a female anthro Tsareena like in the reference on the left, the torso would be that of Gothitelle and the hips and legs would be the ones of Tsareena. Optional: The body proportions of their fused form to be like the ones in the reference on the right.

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bb lewd

Requesting Iris from Pokemon tied to a chair and gagged with a cloth in this outfit. Position peference to the right.

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no tail?...k

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ahh thanks, he just have a very small tail

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/r/ a Penanggalan/Krasue in love with an user and pointing the anus in the face of the user and speaking: "I have an anus, let's have anal sex"

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Howdy can I get a nun Millie flashing her butt?

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draw you in a bandeau and nothing below, still with the gloves ... posing seductively

Draw my demon

requesting this girl but as an actual anthro opossum

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working on it
mk. ill get after it.

Since you play D&D, are you familiar with that monster?

Not even a response to decline it oof

iv fought oozes and jellies and puddings. but I don't think iv played with a flesh pile

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Can I get a line art drawing of this girl's face? It's fucked

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I see. Well if you're interested, let's upgrade this flesh jelly to be like Tetsuo's mutation at the end of Akira! It has grown larger and stronger. To destroy it, use something that makes flesh melt.

Feel free to get to this one when you're either done with other requeqests or bored. I just wanted to give you a little D&D today.

Thank you!

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Can you make these 2 women from Fairly Odd Parents have fun with a dildo?

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I would like Luna to have anal sex with Clyde.

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simple request?

Fuck off

draw krampus breakdancing with santa as the dj

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haha thanks

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Jonesy fucking Thanos in the ass

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Show art

That cum reminded me of this fucking thing

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Why a nun bro? It could just be nude instead, send me whatever nun outfit you want

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here we go again.

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Fuck off


nun fetishes are a thing
i'll never understand why
then again... i am into doctors
not nurses, female doctors, they hot

Draw a female Indeedee please.

Hope this helps also not real reason I just think demon nuns are neat

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ah you know the show, nice trinket

hey, could you draw this bee femboy nutting on a jar of honey please?

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a what?

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Requesting comm sheets

This Indeedee it's a pokemon.

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Fuckin nice. Love this artist

Requesting this anthro queen bee getting her jiggly butt massaged

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>Still thinkind nobody knows he's samefagging hard

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Draw my bee

sorry man, i'll have to pass on that one. dont much like pokemon.

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requesting this mermaid doing titjob on knight

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>sorry man, i'll have to pass on that one. dont much like pokemon.
That's okay I'll respect that 0.



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Doesn't matter, I still wanna see his gallery

And with that image I swear off masturbation

requesting a grapploct hugging its trainer

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k. I just realized I need to put on a load of laundry. brb

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Can you draw this if you come back?

somebody is going to say hot and will probably masturbate to this shit

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Fem Soren lewds

Could I request a punk lass with a shaved head and a bit of chub/plumpness to her?

I wonder at what age you decided to become a bully

any non-"fuck off" requests?

I wonder what age you were when you molested your dog

Fuck off

>Implying we're the same person
I wonder at what age you decided to lobotomize yourself

If you're still taking reqs, think you could something with her?

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good thing it wasn't drawn for you then.

any "art" to show?

Requesting Tsuzuriko Yosomiya dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, with the mask preferably being on one side of her face.

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ah, wait. I reread what a bandeau was.
adjustments have been made.

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Thank you!


Requesting trap queen Trinket taking black dick


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Draw seras Victoria eating out integra hellsing

requesting anyone to draw this lil lamb but as a feminine shy boy

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It's shit