What is something you experienced that is so fantastical you expect other anons to assume you're lying?

What is something you experienced that is so fantastical you expect other anons to assume you're lying?

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having an actual fulfilling romantic relationship with a girl


Dude calm the fuck down it's not like everything is about you

People don't beleave life can be so boring.

Yes they do you fucking idiot

One time I plugged a USB cable into a USB slot in the correct orientation on the first attempt. Not even fidgeting around trying to get it in, it just fuckin' went in buttery smooth.

literally noithing

I've done that at least twice so you're not really all that special

I saw this black dude dragging one of those blue post boxes down the street. Typical nigger shit.

I had a 2-week sexual relationship with Minnie Mouse.

And from a legal standpoint, that claim would stand up in court

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I wouldn't write that as nearly as fantastical as what was requested so never come back

Over the span of 2 years i got hugged by my crush 5 times. Was epic.

When I was a little kid me and my family were driving to go on vacation and got in a car wreck. We weren't banged up enough to stay in the hospital so we stayed at a hotel in this tiny piece of shit dead end town where we literally saw a grand total of 3 people the entire time we were there. The next day we went to the place where the wreckage of our van and trailer were and I was like nine so I was snooping around. I found a home made electric chair behind a sheet in the building.

Tbh shrooms, people think I'm trolling when I recall my craziest trip

That's so poorly written & off the cuff it has to be true

Only people who've never had shrooms in high doses would think you're lying

That's not even all that crazy because homeless people have literally nothing else to do with their lives

Yeah, that's most people, it's not so magical, I mean the other dude that took them with me flipped his shit too so, wasn't only in my head.

I astrally projected once and met a reptilian being

Why is it always the goddamn reptilians you get the glory

Had a foursome with three women. Only had full sex with one of them (the one I was dating) but had ate them all out and made two of them cum. Got blown by two of them.

Idk they must like checking up on humanity for some reason

It's not something I talk about with anyone because I would just get lumped in with David Ike'so level of crazy, but we're anonymous here so whatever

That just sounds trashy and I wouldn't tell people that even anonymously

Gooby pls

Lots. I was raised on an island in Alaska, feral, hunting to eat. I have purchased 4% of the real property in a town 100% financed and got paid in cash at closing each time I purchased property. I have experienced prophecy. I homeschooled my sons working full time in construction as a single father, and never once left them with a sitter, nanny, or even my mother.
I don't even bother telling people these things anymore because they can't believe these things can happen.

No one like that would be posting on Sup Forums and that's why your stupid LARP is pointless


Your mom’s pussy clamping down on my cock as she was overcome with the best orgasm of her life

Here's the picture we took. Sorry for the quality, it's a picture of a photograph I pulled out of an album.

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I want to leave this world. How do I end up as you have?

This didn't happen

What do you mean by feral? Literally just on your own in the wild?

Nice. I was at a toga party in high school and my gf at the time who was only 15 fully dyked out with my buddy’s gf while we watched. Buddy’s gf ended up being in playboy 3 times years later. I pulled my dick out to initiate the 4some and my buddy freaked out because I was bigger and that was the end of it. Many regrets

I met a guy who genuinely supports Trump and honestly doesn't believe in climate change. Not some online troll idiot, but an IRL person who actually, honestly believes this stuff.

I mean I know they must exist, but to actually meet one if these morons - holy shit. I kept waiting for him to laugh and say 'Hah, jk!' but no, just a serious, dull-eyed stare.

...and he has kids.