Walk in

walk in
see this
what do?

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Succ and fucc


kick with steel toes.


Blow dick,lick asshole, sit on

Where are my bolt cutters.

drive away from the mazda miata meetup

do a 360 and walk away.

> live in California
> all-gender bathrooms
> guess I am overdue for a raping
> bullshit like this is my life now

bop it

Walk in do a 360 and walk the fuck back out.

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Fill a fleshlight halfway with ghost pepper salsa, and then go to town on that guy for pulling a stunt like that. And this is why I always carry salsa with me where ever I go.

kill it

Do you intentionally try to be srupid or nah?


Leave and tell an employee/receptionist/whoever that there's a man doing autistic sex stuff in their bathroom and that they might want to call the cops.

lurk moar newfaggot

get shot


"Thank you, sir, but this is an Apple store."

Act like I didn't
Quickly head to a stall to pee because I'm an alcoholic and need to pee often

have a seat?

Quads and I film myself doing this tomorrow in a public bathroom

no u

Try again

>Grab dick
>Pull guy out of stall via dick
>Begin to swing said guy by said dick
>Walk out into main part of store still swinging
>Strike folk with my man flail
>Proclaim self as the King of Walla Walla

You're supposed to roll replying to it

Get in next stall and do the same thing.

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Leave the Apple store.

>walk into bathroom
>see this
>realize all my years on/b/ have prepared me for this
>pull ziptie and paracord from my pocket
>loop paracord around ziptie and quickly fasten it around his balls and shaft
>yank hard on the paracord so it tightens firmly around his genitals
>watch him thrash about in pain as i tie the ends onto a nearby set of pipes
>every jerk and thrash continies to tighten more, cutting off the bloodflow
>i run out, and ignore the screams for help
>later hear in the news about the man getting found and rushed to the hospital
>the ziptie gave him a crude penectomy, surgeons unable to save his genitals
>know im never going to be hunted down for revenge
>he doesnt have the balls to do it

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Is it Christmas break already?

If this a regular occurrence for you?

pull it

although it is in fact a newfag, it is a newfag meme all the "summer is here" comments, even in the moot age it was proved there isn't a correlation with this time of year and the newfrens

twist it

what's the source of this fucking picture


>what do
The liberals secret handshake

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>put firecracker in ass
>light fuse
>watch faggot’s ass explode into hundreds of pieces

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