Can I help you with anything you need?
I just wanna make someone smile

Nothing sexual please...

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any vidya u recommend.Need help finding new ones to play.

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buy me RDR2 key pls :(

I really love kingdom hearts, try it!

Sorry I don't have money :(

i want to feel an emotion
my whole day is just fucking refreshing my stupid phone and cleaning my house

how are you today?

Got any social media so we can talk better?

ive heard of it alot.Never really had the chance to play it.Maybe its time.Thanks user!!

I have my kik but pls dont think I'm gonna do some tard shit

someone cheated on some guy for me and i really dk what to feel user

Did you know she had a bf?

i dont and the thing is i have this big crush on her.it felt like we had a thing going on but then yeah i found out she has a boyfriend.

I don't really know your situation
Maybe she really really likes you, that much to cheat on her bf or maybe she's just a slut, idk man

Having quite a bad day, got any good comedy movie suggestion?

idrk what do user.what do u suggest

I really like this one
The Hustle

Maybe just try to forget about her, she doesn't sound good for you

how do I become creative

You can search for inspiration everywhere, but... I don't really know, like.. If you mean drawing, just draw something you like, maybe something you saw on the street, if you mean inventing something, try to search some struggles you have every day and ways to solve them

will i ever find true happiness in my life user? Or is it all a sick joke?

You need to talk?
Do you have any social media so we can talk in private?

i don't really feel comfortable posting my social media in here, but thanks tho

I'll just say my kik here hoping nothing happens