This is a boy, Sup Forums. How does that make you feel? Wwyd?

This is a boy, Sup Forums. How does that make you feel? Wwyd?

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I wanna fuck him while he's wearing all that faggot ass makeup. Plow his hole bare and dump a hot load inside and leave him in a pool of his own precum and shame.

>This is a boy
No shit

Source or didnt happen

id suck her dick

only if its a feminine looking dick though, dont want to be a fag or anything

Mmm I'm sure he would enjoy it, not sure how shameful he will feel.
Makes sense, I'm sure she has a real cute dicky.

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more pls

No it's not, it's a faggot. There is nothing wrong with faggotry except if you lie about it and try to victimize straight people into having gay sex with your mutilated genitalia.


I am attracted to this individual because he is representing everything feminine. There is nothing masculine here.
Once I see a dick, then it’s over. There is nothing “gay” about that.

She is hard to resist, right?

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Trust me, I'll make him feel really ashamed. He'll think about his life choices after I finish in him. Most of that makeup will be rubbed off onto the sheets in front of him. His pretty blonde wig will be half on exposing his male side. He won't feel pretty anymore. He'll feel like a faggot that just got fucked by a man.

It’s pretty obvious that’s a boy. Not very convincing.

yeah yeah its a boy sure, but where are the boytits already

sounds like some gay shit.

I've seen many females who don't look half this good no matter how much makeup.

Yeah i'm a faggot that likes to fuck femboys and men that are confused about their gender. How does it harm you at all bitch? At least I get what I like. How's those hands feel?

bet he's still more of a man than you

Then i guess im right it is gay shit and you agree.

If you're talking about cock size, it's possible. Some of them are hung like fucking crazy. Other than that I completely disagree.

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I'd face fuck him and cum on his face lets see his dick

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I don't have his dick but I'm sure it's very cute

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I'd also pound his boy pussy

Who are they

That he makes an ugly bitch

I always like seeing a good looking trap, i'd let him wrap his lips around my dick

Face fuck and fill it’s belly.

Hmmm...So he was behind that...?

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send the fucking nudes

That's pretty gay, user.

Good, I'm sure there would be a long line, even us with girlfriends or wives.

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Oh yeah i'd love to face fuck and cum on that face

I'd wait in that long line just to get to that boy pussy i'm hard just thinking about it

Right after that fresh makeup was applied. Whip out your hard on and facefuck that pretty face.

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Hell i'd probably do it without the make up

>This is a boy, Sup Forums.
>How does that make you feel?
awkwardly attempt social interaction but probably ending up acting like a sperg and talking about video games or some shit

I'd take em out on a date. Go watch a movie. If they down to fuck, so am i

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I'm sure it'd be worth the wait. He'd probably service a couple at once to get the line moving. I'd love to pull those long pigtails.

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Ever since I've been on Zoloft, traps no longer do it. The mere knowledge that the person was born biologically makes me lose my sexual interest.

I wanna see the ass and dick now fuck

I know me too user :(

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