C-Celeb Thread a-and o-other s-stuff

C-Celeb Thread a-and o-other s-stuff...

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of course, anything for a friend

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double dubs of alpha maleness checked stutterbrother

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A-As y-y-y-y-y-you c-c-c-can s-s-s-s-see m-m-m-m-my girl i-i-is quite beautiful... A-And s-she h-h-h-has a-a weak m-manlet t-to l-laugh at...

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sweet lipa

almost anything

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Sweet lips

well, anything reasonable of course

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fighting the cold, fighting sickness, fighting a lot of things
but I'll be ok, got a day off work tomorrow which is always nice

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and legs and ass and tits and...

hey v

well is seems reasonable to me lol

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I-I think m-m-m-most everybody c-c-c-c-can see w-w-w-w-what o-o-oddballs we m-make...

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i am just a man, i cannot do everything asked of me

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And I look like all you need

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that is all you need to be

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just let us clone her is all i ask

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is the sickness bad?

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Jealousy i-i-i-i-is a very d-delicate thing... I-I-I d-don't deserve h-h-h-h-her...

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Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - one kiss

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not really, just common cold, but it's very annoying to be coughing and in pain all the time

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those make me drunk

we can try

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hubanon ;3

come back to me once you have a cloning machine

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Why do you add extra letters and hyphens like that before words?

Sorry I missed you before bed yesterday, I got distracted.
I give you a *boop* before I forget.

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O-One man s-s-said I-I was th-the finkiest m-m-m-man h-he's ever s-seen i-i-i-in his s-sixty p-p-plus years a-a-and h-h-he commented I-I deserves t-to be p-p-placed into t-t-the i-i-i-iron b-bull o-o-o-o-oven, a-a t-torture a-apparatus, o-o-over a-a fire, t-to be slowly c-cooked t-t-t-to death...

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I want to kiss her legs

making fun of me cuz im smol and have a cuck team ;_;

in the mean time may i borrow her?

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Fuck yes more Queen Chloe

you may not, please go find your own bride in another time zone or county

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well hopefully it doesn't ruin your day off work

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Do you have autocorrect turned off so you can type like an autistic child? Holy shit kys!

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but i like yours

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many people do, but there's nothing that we can do about that, you will need to find a replacement bride that you find suitable

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excuse me who is this she is very pretty

you should have her if you want her sir. im a cuck

not even one time?

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I-I guess h-h-he s-said h-h-h-he never i-in his l-lifetime h-h-h-h-had anything a-a-a-a-a-a-as close t-t-to getting a girl o-o-o-of Vickee's q-q-q-q-quality a-and th-the w-way I-I act w-while h-h-h-h-h-having a-a beauty l-like V-Vics m-makes h-him s-sick t-to his stomach f-for the u-u-u-u-u-u-unfairness o-of it all...

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Hnng unreal

everyime u ask me God said, whoever u wantt. ;_; dunno what ti get in return cept to watch

Wwyd ?

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Listen here faggot I’ll fuck her in front of you but who is it

is ok :3
hope you're doing good tonight derpy

I'll be ok, wrap up warm and comfy
doing anything fun tonight?

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Starting kissing up them sexy long legs for starters

that is my sweet bride, Ana de Armas
no sir, what kind of husband would i be if i forsook her like that, i am afraid you are out of luck

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you tell me , you own them all apperantly ;_;

do you want suggestions?

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it would make you my best friend

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Holy shit

i have plenty of friends already, no thank you!

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Whats next?

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tell me what you want to do to our bride , hubanon ... while u stroke... mmmm

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I‘m got a lot new camis, corly found them, that makes me happy :)
I get sleepy and omw to bed.
Hope you get well soon qt.

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new camis for new coomies

My waifu ;(

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no....truthfully I should be asleep but I have to finish reading something for work and I am slow to even pick up the book

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wha tare you reading daddy?

can i at least jerk off to her?

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you better b!

sure, what you do in the privacy of your home is not my business

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I enjoy her and enjoy you posting her :)
hope you sleep well cutes

I remember you stressing about work on your trip too :/
hope you can get some sleep soon

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What's wrong with her face????

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Comfy Sunday Night Edition

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Stfu you frickin beta kys

ur porn gave my mac a virus and got me fired. remember?

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then what will u do ?


ur dick is photoshop.

kms? I suppose

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My dick nature's mistake :(

Are you sure?

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Will stole my pornhub account plz help me

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Nigger AIDS

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then what would white girls do : (

we have tthat in common


who poastitng my tay?