Do you remember me?

Do you remember me?

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who the fuck are you?

The gurl from yesterday in the night

that's cool. I do not know you

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since you have found me. Do you need a change in life, little soul?

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Of course:00000

are you sure? There will be no turning back

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tits or fuck off hole

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what a simpleton ... avoid cars for 4 days ...

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Avoid cars? :u

do you see what you did She went away because of your behavior.

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Idk xd

You sad larpy niggers. If I saw one of you rats in public, I'd stomp on you.

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yes .... cars are dangerous ... if I want to

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Oh :0


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*confused gurl noises*


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>If I went in public I'd...

nice to meet you. I already know the name and the surname?

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I'm sorry bb, you know I just wanna touch up them melons.

Of the horse? Can they even have surnames?

Whats happening here? ÓwÒ

your mr. Fag

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OP and I are going on a date

Wot? .-.

I came to change humans lives.

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Wow :0

Hey hole, I know I said I'd stomp on you, but if you promise to go on a date with me I'll take it back

I'm not the girl. And since you really want to dance with me ... you will lose something valuable within 6 days.

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Your not the hole... Then why do I even bother. Also does that mean I still have to look out for cars in the next 4 days?


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fuck it. you will die within 24 hours.

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I'm pretty busy man, I'm not sure if I can make time for all of that. Do you look like a girl at least? Like could I pretend your a girl when hitting it from behind?

Are you a different person? Are you the hole. Last last comment was a joke bb, pls send boob pics. I'm not gay.

You'd have to be on some pretty strong shit but at some point it wouldn;t matter

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I'm not sure if you are retarded or just American.

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I'm sorry for ruining your larp session bro, I thought you were a femoid and this was my only chance to get my dick wet.

Were you the one who said you were changing people's live or some cringy shit? Can you get me a gf pls.

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Fuck you and your larping. go back

Im da gurl, im back owo

There is no need to get so upset, I promise not to ruin you roll playing next time

by the demon plaguing me since my childhood, summoned from a woman fueled by meth and hatred along with her sisters, I have formed a sick friendship with it

Rupert, my sick friend, i revel in your torture if you would do me this one deed, fucking kill this larper and lets us bathe in his blood.

And so it shall be done my child, but in exchange post toe pics bb.

always the same ... if you are the retarded one ... you will die in 24 hours anyway. If not, your friends will be doing the party and agree to go to it. There will be a girl who will end her relationship - this is your chance. don't fuck it up.

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This became edgy and weird xd

I'm the retarded one I guess. Also your a pretty shitty demon if you can't figure that out. Also I really don't have a lot of time, can we cut the offing of my life to like an hour. I'm really short on time here.

I am not a demon. But I can do it for a pack of cigarettes.

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Hey fucker I said I would do it and he is sending me toe pics. You were too slow to reply. Get your own shit.

*more confused girl noises*

I am not a demon. demons suck. Even your Satan runs away at my sight.

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So you're a diaper fur?

I dont know why but i like this edgy boi Owo

Hello, thanks for joining us again tonight.
What should I do in my immediate future? And are there any dangers around?

you boring me, mortal being ...

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Yes, you have an uncle yes? He is sexually attracted to you. In the next week or so you will be at risk of being raped by him. Avoid him at all costs.

Alright, alright fair enough. But is the gf deal still on the table?

I don't know the future. I change the present.

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I see souls not bodies

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Changing the present, I see.
Can I ask you to change mine? Anything works, make me dead if it pleases you, at this point I really need at least one change

I'll take that as a reluctant yes

changing the present, I know what the effects will be in the future.

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prove it or I'll beat you up demon

Can you change my present? :3

i can't kill you. I can only make someone less careful and, for example, hit you with a car ..

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Can you make it so someone drops there wallet in front of me so I can have more money. I found this brand of cereal I like but its really expensive and I need more money to buy it.

What do you want?

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In that case may you make a certain Alex Ghiță get hit by said car? If you need my soul or whatever payment It's yours to take.

I won't hurt someone so you would have better

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I want money, clear and simple, cold, hard, cash. What lottery numbers should I go with and which hour?

You have put way too much time into this larp considering the end result, good effort though

Real shit, I wanna get into graduate school. Probably the first thing I need to do though is get some pretty good grades in university. Can you make it so I get strait As this semester. If you do that I'll take back all the shit I've been talking.

Can you make a person stop hating me? :3

I can make such a threat. I don't want your soul. I don't eat this.

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Would be much appreciated. Thank you

You can't sell your soul. You don't own your soul idiot. You can't sell something you don't own.

Would you say that you share qualities with an incubus ?

tits or gtfo whore

It shares qualities with a bitch

Thats what I've been saying, but they keep talking about some faggy demon shit

the next job interview will be successful
Larp? Im true
Teachers will be more favorable
Yes. If only if there is no specific reason

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Why you hatexalex so much?

tits or gtfo

Specific reason? :b


no. it's gay

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Thanks, I take backing saying you have the qualities of a bitch than. Also am I still dying in 24 hours cuz if thats the case then I want something else.

As u wish

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sure, you are the faggot OP, how could i forget?

Thats not you, you didn't deliver

Don’t interrupt this with that shit >:c

Faggot op? :u

Hey I'm sorry for derailing this thread but it was super gay and needed to be done. This is now a nigger hate thread.

Cause He's a major nigger faggot Who broke into my car , trashed it and dumped it in a river, and all Because I wouldn't help him steal another car. Fuck that guy