Why are Democrats normalizing pedophilia?

Why are Democrats normalizing pedophilia?

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Because if you can get people to accept the idea of 40 year old virgin neckbeards fucking their 7 year olds, you can get them to accept anything.

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How cute, shill trying to distract

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They just want everyone else to pay for their living habits, abortions and all. That's the issue, those little fagfucks can do what they please but they expect to be paid for just because they're breathing.

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Wouldn't you Billie/Greta/AOC losers feel more at home over at Sup Forums where you only have to be scared of 20 million jews?

>seething shills

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I guess we should just let your house burn down and serial killed run rampant because why pay for free things like firefighters and police?

Literally go fuk yoseff

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You're the fucking retard, twisting and manipulating shit. I'm talking about how you faggots want everyone to pay for your abortions, birth control, and your sex changes. You faggots have some ideas but you ruin it by being pure cancer.

Hmmm...So he was behind that...?

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So youre strawmanning? Nobody mentioned that.
Why are all republitards this low-IQ? My guess is the cousinfucking and the Faux News brainwashing.

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They aren't. Fuck off back to Sup Forums

Your op is obvious and your and idiot

How was I strawmanning an argument that I wasn't in, you actual fucking moron. I was saying that that's my only problem with them, I don't have a problem with some of their other policies, I didn't even mention the pedophile thing because both sides have very rotten apples in them. Your hymen is showing, you little soyboy.

it seems to be working for the Republicans, and they want to catch up.

Why are you complaining?

Look at those Gas prices!

Because gays, trannies, and trekkers are their voting base.

>why pay for FREE things

You have to have an extra chromosome

Get a load of those moobies.

I know, fucking beautiful.

Ready for 2020?

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Papa has always had quite the figure

>too low IQ to understand the significance
Go back in the trailer Bubba Jr.

>I dunt understand economics so now anyone who disagrees with me is hitler

You're a complete fucking retard bro, go back to plebbit you dumb cunt. Pic related, jesus christ.

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>38 pedos like a tweet
>Oh muh gawd all duh damn liburuls are a bunch of damn pedos!
Conservatives are fucking retarded

>4 years later
>Still think it's Obama's economy
>Trump is bad
>Didn't mess up Barack's economy
Pick one retard.

No, but they're Band wagoning onto you faggots and your movements. Trannies and the like, a LOT of them doing book readings to children as crossdressers are convicted pedophiles. They're pulling the "you're shaming me for who I love" shit just like those degenerates. They were never this bold until those other degenerates became a protected people.

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Who tf is that

That’s funny since Trump and Epstein were buddies.

it not how it happens

*Corporate Farms*

>Why are Democrats normalizing pedophilia?
her slave was raped by her friends
she act like it normal
almost your family doctor
nothing to do with it

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you just swallow that propaganda wholesale dont ya bud
be sure to work your tongue into the grooves

Why are you so interested in the lives of people you'll never meet?

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If you're paying for something it's not free in any sense of the word, fucking retards like you are why American uses the term "free" so boldly.

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Is this shooped? It sounds shooped but doesn't look like it...

Or did the right finally get a "comic" on their team?

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Hey, this is my first time ever seeing this. Holy fuck, nigger, tell me this is fake.
This is like, no lie, the most incoherent shit I’ve ever seen.

>Please, somebody tell me this isn’t real...

Indeed my friend, I have more if you like.

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Both of the last 2 frames are completely illegal...
Is this just a boomer humor thread now?

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It's not propaganda when it comes straight from the horse's mouth.

Liberals want to raise wages and protect jobs my fucking ass. If they did they wouldn't support illegal immigration and china like they do. Whoever made this is a fucking dumbass.

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Sure. I love boomer humor

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Lol, not a boomer but ight.

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Yet here you are on fucking Sup Forums. Closet much?

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What kind of nightmare is this comics living in?
We all know Donny is doing better at destroying the west than any Jihad ever could

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Make Sup Forums "great" again, fuck outta here back to plebbit

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They aren't?

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Nah, this is some boomer shit right here.

Is the girl in the comic representing Trump? Because that’s what the Saudi’s do to him every day.

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Is the joke that the female character is an obvious strawman?

Learn the difference between public goods and socialism you fucktard.

Nah, this is some not brainwashed shit right here. I used to be a faggot ass Democrat, but I saw what was going on and noped the fuck on outa that choice.

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> liberals
> supporting China

The tight hairless holes

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She should be in jail. But so many times the innocent pays the price. In fact she should be on death row.

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Fascism is an actual governing principle. There are clear, defining characteristics of fascist organization, rhetoric, and governance which make for logically consistent ways of identifying people as "fascists". Antifa is characterized much more generally as being opposed to fascist political organization, and tactics employed by the Antifa organizers are ad hoc with no further political ambitions other than preventing the rise of fascism.

They could only kill her if they could prove she bartered the information for political leverage...
I'm glad you think that is a crime worth execution though! I hope you remember that when your Republican senator votes against your views during the impeachment

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Ok, boomer.

Unless you a left the Democratic party because you were radicalized further left (which is generally what smart people do), the amount of intellectual regression you need to commit to to become more conservative is boomer af.

>learn the difference between public goods and socialism you fucktard

You're THIS close to making the kinds of connections socialists make when arguing for greater public control over the means of production and distribution, if only your mother hadn't spent her second trimester in Cabo.

Breed has no impact on intelligence.
My dipshit German Sheppard has been through hours of training and still just fucks up my house all day and has no idea when he gets fed.
My inbred pug knows exactly when to get fed, and has learned several commands.

>Because gays, trannies, and trekkers

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Because they’re garbage humans and complete hypocrites.

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Democrats are normalizing all mental illness as if there is nothing wrong with them so they can make more money by cutting loads of people off of disability. They don't care about those people so they pretend to; to get votes.

I'm all for more abortions.
If there's not a stable family for a child to enter the world, that keep fucking adding more criminals to the streets.
Abortions go up, crime goes down. Every retarded as fuck state that has limited the abortion access there, will see a crime spike in 15 years, and will get worse for 20 more.

The problem with you polifags is you're only focused on the short term "your side" and beating the "other" you don't actually give a fuck about long term needs of society, community, or country.
Piece of shit two party system shill.
Hope you're stabbed to death by a faggot that should have been shit out into a toilet with tax payer money at age negative eight months.

I don't see the downside of pressing the button...

Lol Biden should fucking drop out of the primary even if Trump isn't impeached. His candidacy is so fucking unnecessary, he can't debate for shit, he has no new ideas, and his congressional record is garbage. Dems need to stop peddling out centrists and run hardcore progressives and socialists. Centrists get nothing done when they try to work with a flaccid Republican party dedicated to ensuring absolutely nothing gets passed.

they aren't

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distract this Boris

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Go live somewhere else then, the United States of America will never be this European pipedream you wish it would be.

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