Where does loli and trap threads go now?

Where does loli and trap threads go now?

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Sup Forums

Can't even remember if /trash/ allows loli/shota

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No the only board that allowed loil was Sup Forums

So all porn other than the two categories above are banned, right? Just need clarification on the type of censorship we got here, moving forward.

No it doesn't

to Sup Forums or /r9k/ along with the rest of the virginal pedophile coomers.

Get right with Jesus today and he will renew in you a new spirit. One that doesn't desire to look at porn.

To reddit

Unfortunately probably nowhere to be honest, when Sup Forums banned zoo it was gone from Sup Forums forever.

Sup Forums is where a lot of the original yellow shit posters came from, newfag.

r9k allows traps. they practically made it their home

It be like that

Not my problem.

Uh b since there are no rules and the Janis are being fags

Okay we figured out where traps can go now. Can a mod clarify where the lolis go?

testing if I'm banned

Traps =/= Loli retard


trips checked

>original yellow shit posters
I'm sorry, what? I don't speak inceltongue.

Traps to /gif/ and loli to Sup Forums

I know I was just saying there is a place for traps
too bad for you lolifags tho eh