What's your favourite pokemon, Sup Forums?

What's your favourite pokemon, Sup Forums?

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Your mom


The one in the picture in the picture

Nice dubs BTW


Ampharos, of course.

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This one

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turtonator is the real nigga

if we stickin with gen 1, then charmeleon/charmander. reminds me of my lizerd i had as a chidl.d

Dubs say gen 6 if best gen

These three.

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Fuck off the gen 1 and 2 is the only gen worth anything

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Mr. Coomime

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Jolteon. that's it.


Gotta be Arceus

Still love old art.

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I like fire+fighting type Pokemons like Infernape, Blaziken (and Mega Blaziken) and Cinderace from the new Pokemon game.

for me its kingler

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Fucking love Murkrow/Honchkrow. For the most part nobody else really seems to.

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Anything drawn by this jew.

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based pick

Snorlax was pretty chill

Cinderace is fire only


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>childhood you says hello

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Big floofy dog

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totodile is cute af

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Scyther was my fav, same with pincer. I liked bug pokemon.