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All Boards Report

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Sup Forums standing by

Red wings standing by!

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Sup Forums CHECKing in

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Sup Forums is in the house. We did it


/his/ checking in.

/k/ommando standing by

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/vg/eneral here to congratulate you

/s/ here. fuck you. now WE get flooded with social media threads.

/r9k/ here. some btards are already flooding

/f/ here
no idea what's happening, just checked in on Sup Forums on a whim.

Im basically every single board except a few reporting in.

Finally I can browse this retarded board too

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/mlp/onybro at the ready, will deploy our fleet of plonies on your command.

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biz here. short bitcoin until 6k and long it to 16k

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Sup Forums standing by

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[s4s] lol

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/tg/ reporting for duty.

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Sup Forums, checking in

Sup Forums here, started on Sup Forums, got redpilled at the usual place, got tired of all the gay faggots that made up b. It stopped being about random hijinx and retardation and just a dumping ground for coomers. Feels weird to be home again but im glad. The next decade is ours boys, this is only the beginning

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Sup Forums

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