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life-like texture ;_;

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I saw this it’s gonn be a new classic


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Learn balance

It’s not me it’s some dude on insta.

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Fuck off Eric

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I remember where I was when I read this thread.

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Thank you, I've been searching for this one

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End of Evangelion, irc chat, Windows XP and FIREFOX...
Take me back.. fuck, guys, fuck...

Anyone stop posting for the past few years cause every thread was a gay ass porn thread?

fuck all the gay porn posters with their trap, cock tribute, fb ig share, hope you all burn in hell niggers

also ylyl thread

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firefox is still good and irc still lives

Vegetables! Shoop Shoop.

This thread is great

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Where have the times gone?

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The perfect start to a story. What a god

The tumblr war was a good one back then

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>(You) will never use MSN messenger again
>(You) will never unironically use winamp again
>where has the time gone?

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we need this thread right now

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it goes in all fields

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winamp sucked
foobar2000 for life

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rabbits aren't monogamous so no

>old Sup Forums is back
what a day to be alive

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oh my fucking LORD how did I never see this one

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I've been browsing since 2006. I thought I would never see the day.

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We're home user

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I fucking love these. Do you have the JINBU WO one?

it has been too long

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'06 oldfag here too.

Glad to see the squad reminiscing on the good times

>mfw browsing through my oldest Sup Forums folder

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It's kind of an odd thing - at the time, I was a gaiafag, ruining Sup Forums's culture with my terrible Gaia memes and posting culture. But now, 13 years later, I'm considered an "oldfag" and know "real Sup Forums culture"

It's weird how websites evolve.

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The oldest one that I have archived is from 2010, that's what I'm currently posting from.

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hey, guys, this thread makes my brain tingle. love you all, despite all this shit happening on Sup Forums

this is a comfy nostalgia thread. i love it.

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Now if we could get rid of the Sup Forumsyards we'll be good

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