Finally I can enjoy this board again

Finally I can enjoy this board again.

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I give you that Sup Forums will now be a better place, but what about the other boards? Sup Forums was always a containment board for the greater good of Sup Forums in general.

me on the left

Let's enjoy ourselves while we can

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Quit being a downer we're having fun

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any reason why? this board has always been some gold imo

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Nothing stopped you from having fun before.
>more rules somehow equals more fun

go to the porn boards faggot one click away

What was it containing? Degenerate porn?
Coomers will move to porn boards and will have to conform to those rules.

They're literally not allowed to post their shit anywhere else.
This is good.

No porn = content

kys coomer

I now feel safer here.

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>this is good
shut the fuck up faggot, this is nothing like old Sup Forums.
I agree that porn posting was too much but banning it outright is fucking retarded. It will do nothing to bring back OC except discord trannies like you spouting forced memes and wojaks. this place is no different from /s4s/ now and that's not the point of Sup Forums, not that you'd know that, retard.

You mad you can't rate some cocks now faggot?

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>has literally nothing of substance to say
that's what I thought lmfao just sit down and shut the fuck up

It's more like old Sup Forums than you know coomer scum.
Users like myself who avoided this shithole because of the porn are now returning.
Go take a look at the /s4s/ catalog and tell me again that it's the same board.

SEETHING because he can rate dudes dicks or look at furries on Sup Forums

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I browsed Sup Forums back in 2007 religiously lmfao this is going to be nothing like Sup Forums, especially with underaged discord retards like you browsing it. Don't act like you're an old fag, it's clear that you're new as fuck.
why isn't it like /s4s/ right now? because s4s is fucking dead, you stupid faggot. that's what is going to happen to Sup Forums too in a couple of weeks.
>still cant give any sort of rebuttal
this is getting pathetic.

There's no way Sup Forums is going to die.
If anything it will turn into a Sup Forums Sup Forums hybrid. Which is fine by me.

Why are you so mad bro?
Seethe harder

Sup Forums will not produce any OC or quality posting, it'll degenerate into discord trannies like you posting coomer and wojaks, the real cancer killing Sup Forums.

>implying it's not the coomers like you who are killing Sup Forums
How's the lack of dopamine treating you cumbrain? Got a job yet?

You can't accuse me of being a discord tranny.
Sup Forums is my regular board.

>uses literal forced memes from discord faggots
just kill yourself. I'll take this as a victory because you clearly have nothing worthwhile to say LMFAO.

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This is probably the 2nd or 3rd time ive been to Sup Forums since about 2012.

Fucking based mods.

Sure buddy, take it as a victory. You obviously aren't having any in real life.

Go smoke some weed and COOM again faggot.

Discord trannies are pro porn. Your accusation is invalid.

Sup Forums will never be like old Sup Forums. Who says that's the agenda here anyway. The owners won't allow JB or even invasions anymore. I don't think they want it like old Sup Forums

If you don't like the change you can always fucking leave.

It's fun again.

Enjoy your ban nigger

All they had to do was actually fucking moderate this board and move 80% of the porn to /soc/ where it belonged.

>lose the argument this hard
seriously pathetic.

>Can't stop replying
seriously pathetic

You're on the losing side.
Porn is banned and it's not coming back, the majority of posters agree with me.

Have you considered killing yourself? With your lack of dopamine and willpower I doubt you'd be able to improve your situation.

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Obviously you can't reclaim what was lost, but Sup Forums is supposed to be Sup Forums - Random, not endless generic porn dumps for blacked fetishists and faggots too special to post their dicks on /soc/. Sup Forums has been completely worthless for years because of this shit. It was never good, but it at least was unique.
You want your porn privileges back, post entertaining shit for a while and go to /s/ or /hm/ or /d/ or fucking pornhub to fap until the mods think porn can be allowed without becoming 95% of all threads again.

Now maybe they'll do something about wrestling on /asp/.