Dont worry, Sup Forumsabies, papa /k/ is here to save you

Dont worry, Sup Forumsabies, papa /k/ is here to save you

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>implying half of Sup Forums doesn't own Weapons

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damn that nigga owns a magnum nigger clippazene

Ddont fuck with me

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>That mag
Get fucked.

Go back to /k/ loser

Beretta is big gay my nigga.

Do you actually own that? Redpill me on 1911s? Does it really have three safeties? Can you carry it with the hammer back and one in the pipe without it going off?

have to agree with this. also looks like a knock off Beretta

an abomination
but i like it

Maybe you should load that clip all the way, maybe get the guy that fucks your "girlfriend" to do it since he has more strength than you.

Series 80 versions have 3 safeties (manual safety, grip safety, firing pin block) and Series 70 don't have the firing pin block. The gun was designed to be carried cocked and locked, Series 80 is drop safe.

has a regular trigger safety, which I never use.
grip safety which when you hold it normal
and a hammer.

basically I rock 1 in the chamber and pull the hammer back when I want to go condition 1. other wise I just use hammer forward as my safe.

hello fellow horsefuc/k/er

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Nothing wrong with the mag. If you dont like having 35rds in your beretta, you might be literally gay.
1st off its not a clip its a magazine, 2nd it is in all the way.

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>Wasting dubs to call a magazine a clip
Fuck (you)

Thank you, /k/, you're the sheepdog we need to guard the flock!


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Proud to be of service, civilian.

normies get out.

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Sauerkraut reporting in to back you up spaghettifriend

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ehhh cringe...

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got a suppressor with that?

Jesus Christ, noguns. That's how a loaded magazine actually looks.

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does this graphic kit come with a pack of yugioh cards?

Stop that thing you’re doing or I’m gonna shoot you.

Laughs at gun.
Not stoppin.





10mm or .40?

You better watch yourself boy.

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no .45 GAP

Hahah nice to see the rounds backwards in the mags

don't try me, I'm licensed to use this bad boy

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KEK wtf

Oh, and hey, if that one nogunz faget from the now-deleted AR thread is in here, I'll have you know I did not buy 54 AR mags at '20$' apiece, I got them for between $6-8 each. What part of
>I watch for discount sales like a fucking hawk
did you struggle with? I ain't buying this shit at retail prices at a brick and mortar, nigga, I'm getting 'em nearly wholesale over the internet. I'm the magazine-Jew.

>he doesn't know

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shut the fuck up poorfag

Really? Maybe its the lines on the paper that make it look thinner than it is. Cool. I need to buy a 1911 one day if i can ever get myself to stop buying aks.

This is the only weapon I need /k/

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If your in the US get all your gun and gun related gear from the app

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They'll be making 1911s 200 years from now. You won't be able to get a non-domestically manufactured AK in the US in 20. Keep buying AKs brother.

Say that shit to my face, IRL, nigga, and see what happens. 1512 greentips and JSPs, bitch. That's what'll happen.

about 800 doll hairs out the door brand new. with state tax

I see you too fight the righteous fight against infidels my brother

jesus christ user 2008 called they want their meme back

Yeah thats true. More AKs it is. I just sold a kit because i didnt want another 5.45 though. Probably stick to 762 and 308 going foward. Wouldn't mind a 556 though.
I got my dad one from Gander Mtn for my dad for his 50th bday. They had everything on sale because they were closing in my town. Got him a Kimber Custom II for under 800. I shouldve fucking bought 2 of them.

howdy fellow kommando

Your body armor called, it wants it's structural integrity back. But fuck your body armor. Your organs would have called, but they're tapped out, like, 10 min ago.

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Half of /k/ doesn't own weapons, let alone Sup Forums

would it be porn if I posted my dick in a gun?

surely you mean a pea shooter

>penetrating armor
like I said, shut the fuck up poorfag, your shit doesn't even penetrate crappy AR500 plates m193 will zip through. You think I'm not wearing level IVs? Come on, get it together. If you don't have something better than M2 AP, and you don't, you're not getting through it.

>Your organs would have called, but they're tapped out, like, 10 min ago.
5.56 doesn't have the energy to do that, sorry bro. Although I have seen what M2 AP will do to my plates and it's not necessarily something I want to be hit by, it won't kill me either. But fuck it looks like it'd hurt. So if you want to go /arg/ bully hunting get a garand, and head to a gunshow and make friends with the fudd who has all the old craptastic ammo he's been hoarding for decades.

imagine needing a gun while I can karate you down in a second lol

I finger fuck mine all the time and it points/shoots wonderfully. The 1911 config is perfect for my retarded downy hands (stubby fingers and big palms).


Just because you dont doesnt mean others dont.

My money is on this guy in the shootout. He knows the fancy talk

If I grab a Series 80 with my finger outside the chamber, with one in the pipe and the hammer back and I drop it, I'll be fine? Is it good for a lefty? I'm going to consider getting one.

QMy gat

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More guns

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Shootout? I thought this was foreplay

Sheep dogs are scumbag mercenaries that guard their masters (the government) and herd the sheep (the slaves).
Sheepdogs, so called oath keepers, et al will not be tolerated, after the collapse.

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WTF is that magazine tho. Bro COLORADO wouldn't let you own that. otherwise really like the wood grips on the M9. Wouldn't mind building a full-size pistol off it, I really like the single stack feel. As it is I just shoot the hell out of my Shield and while god help the idiot who robs me, it's NOT a competition gun.

>with the muzzle pointed at his chair

>being this noguns
Retarded faggot.

im thinking about buying one of these just cus i think it looks pretty.

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Yes, you'll be fine.

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