Badly describe vidya while other anons guess it

Badly describe vidya while other anons guess it

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fuck I forgot to do mine
>be you
>fight your dad
>u didn't know
>u were dead the whole time


orgasm A retern of me

super mario 3d land

And I just lost!


Checked, but no

No lol wtf is that

Lol no

You got it

wat is gaime

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>et but worser

Ass 2

its mystical ninja starring goemoon you black nigger

you're this yellow guy with a huge head shoving your face with pills and chasing around these muslim girls in colorful burkas


> be guy
> wif ded
> kid ded
> nooooooooooooooooooooo
> piano play

a nigger nigs

halo 2

Walking dead gaem


Be alien
Be on strange planet
Kill everything
Equip everything
Obliterate yourself


>killer is spirit
>leave match

lego harry potter

there are no games like that.

Max payne

Nigger paints graffiti and beats up cops

Spoiler, not gta sa

I do this every fucking match.

tony hawk pro skater

beating meat in space


>be this guy
>sent in space
>go with group
>they die
>you are the sole survivor
>you fight your way through monsters

Welp, I tried.

>buy nice car
>gets blown up by a flying motorcycle

jet set radio

was it called "getting up" or something like that? i totally remember it


Super metroid duh

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a bunch of barely literate apes eat watermelon

oh fuck i actually guessed an obscure game right for once
also checked

Be scientist
Wake up in pool
Chased by lion
Wake up in jail
Try to escape


>you grab people with hooks
>drop them in water
>watch them drown

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>you are boy
>there is water everywhere
>people are robots
>le monki

well you gave away the game with the image, i totally wouldnt have gotten that

Shoot dudes with a gun that are also shooting at you with guns.

Star tropics, duh

tetris worlds?

super meat boy?

>be soldier
>thrown off ship
>save space wizard
>you are also space wizard
>you are also ex-badguy
>are you still badguy though?

>fat bastard destroys world with finger guns
>be you, 13 or some shit and mute
>old man tells you to go fite monsters and collect pieces of the world to rebuild it

So what game am I talking about?

Kotor 2, next please

breath of the wild? idk

mario sunshine


Damn I grew up with this game. Dark cloud


Super mario 64


Oold-ish game.


I love dark cloud so much

Good job user

>your this black guy
>you abduct this 5 yo girl
>you try to become a white guy
>literally have to kill yourself to do so
>your friend ends up fucking the 5yo
>you then try to kill this other black guy
>hes your brother
>your brother fucks off with an old man
>gets killed

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god ur a fgt

Another world right?

Yes bravo

You got it.
I thought Samus went alone?

>Your this dude
>Shitty Wife
>Shitty Town
>Last sane man in town
>gotta get milk

Postal 2

Harvest moon, duh.

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Made it a little to easy.

literally no one has ever heard of any of these games before. bunch of samefaggots

>Loud ass party next door
>You need to get some sleep

>become a terrorist
>Kill your fiance
>Kill yourself
>It was all so you could kill a giant black guy


hotline miami

>be scientist
>invent time travel
>kill a man
>resulting war becomes worse than the original timeline

Nah, have a hint.
>Violence is the only option
>Its pixel art game


Destroy all humane

No one is guessing.
Fine, a hint,
>black guy kills the 5yo's mother before abducting her

legit no clue. im guessing when you say black guy you mean it literally, like a shadow guy since there isnt a ton of black game protags... still totally have no idea tho

>im guessing when you say black guy you mean it literally, like a shadow guy
Naw the opposite.

wait i got it
its the walking dead isnt it? the first season i mean. i dont remember much of it tho so i could be off

pretty sure Clem isnt 5 but she gets fucked? When. I need to know now

his best bud is really good at basketball, but is mad jealous because this ho is into you, so your bud abducts her, and stabs you in the back at least twice. You end up cucking him though after you become white, and eventually end up on good terms.

Nah, think older.

It aint clem.

green kid looks for triangles.

Im trying to think of all of the games that star a black guy. I want to say GTA SA but that dosnt sound right


zelda duh.

Last hint. No cheating by reverse image search or any of that shit.

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Heavy rain?

>that pic
Of course it some weeb shit no one has played

Dead Space?

Fascist army fights British mushroom men in space.

What are you talking about, it is one of the most famous and genre defining games ever made ffs.

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Any one of the 40k games with Orks?




Only if your an RPG guy though. Although I respect the based Kanna post