Women need to be raped

Women need to be raped.

It is the only language they understand. Women enjoy rape. Don't let them tell you otherwise, because they are notorious liars and don't know their own minds. Women want to be held down and fucked hard. They want to be made to cry and scream. Women have a biological imperative to be raped. Did you know that women who are raped are twice as likely to conceive as women who have unprotected consensual sex? It is a fact. Women who are raped often have orgasms as well - some women have never had an orgasm in their lives save for a rape. The desire to be sexually dominated is deeply programed into the woman. This is a fact of evolution that cannot be denied without women becoming unbalanced. Feminism is really just an outward manifestation of an internal problem with modern women. These 'feminists' desperately want to be put in their place. That's why they act out so much and are so belligerent. Whether they know it or not, subconsciously they want to piss men off and get men to make them submit. They want to be slapped in the face, told to shut the fuck up, and then raped until they can't stand up.

This is what women really want.
I say we give it to them

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It's true, although I only started feeling that way after I was raped.

All of this only applies to Chad.

weirdly enough, my current gf loves to roleplay rape, and constantly asks me to rape her when shes not prepared. Also I raped my ex after we broke up. she squirted like there is no tomorrow

details pls

>she pissed like there is no tomorrow

I had an ex that told me she pretended she was getting raped whenever I plowed her. I was cool with it.

Pay attention to this absurd crap only if you want to ruin lives and land yourself in prison--where you may find yourself raped too.

Straight boys need to be raped too. That's why whenever I get a straight friend drunk off his face and he's passed out I'll force my cock in his virgin hole. It's the only language straight boys understand.

Finished school, went with my friends to some guys apartment, ended up alone with him. 13 at the time so I was a virgin, held me down, hit me, raped me, I cried and begged him to stop. He didn't care, finished in me. Now I like rape.


>finished in me.
any consequences from this?

Passable copypasta, got me to reply, 5/10

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If you look the your above and slight left at the top of this board, you will see an incel virgin.

Wife was raped aged 17 on a family holiday in Cuba by a barman.
Now loves to be tied and blindfolded and fucked by strangers

I’m really surprised nobody has commented on this post bc it’s 100% correct. Women are extremely selective in who they want this experience with.

Good luck with that kid

No, because I wasn't sexually active I wasn't on contraception and also didn't know about the morning after pill. I just waited it out, was scared for a long time. Nothing bad happened

this. same with wearing revealing clothing, etc. they want guys to stare at their tits, but only the right guys

Just a guess but I'd say it's her attempt at maintaining control over her sexuality after a traumatic experience.


If you're hot you can get handsy and shove it in
if you're not you're going to prison

when you say you like rape, do you now put yourself into situations where it may be likely? how close have you come to it happening again?

I like you. You have a go getters attitude and it’s very uplifting and contagious. I’m straight and would be livid if this happened to me though but would understand bc what’s fair is fair. On the same note though, I don’t get passed out drunk in front of people for this exact reason. I’m a firm believer in blaming the retard who thought it was a good idea to get fucked up and pass out on the pool table.

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Not really brave enough to go and do that in person. I met a guy online who said he wanted to rape me, and that he'd done it before to others. I gave him everything he needed to know in order to find me and do it to me. But it hasn't happened and that was a while ago. But that's the closest I've come to being raped again.

exactly this

when it happened, how did your body respond? did you get wet?

Yes, after a few minutes I started to get wet. People always ask if I had an orgasm, I didn't, it hurt to much for that. I probably would if it happened again though.

This girl I've had sex with 3 times wants me to be super rough (rape type shit) do you think she means it?

how much sexual stuff had you done at that point? masturbation, anything with another guy?

If that's what she's said that she wants then yeah, she probably means it. But if it's her first time doing that stuff, maybe give her a safe word or something incase it's too much.

Just masturbation, experimenting and finding out what it's like to touch myself but apart from that I had no sexual experience at all.

Alright bet, we like "play fighting" but never got to fuck after so maybe thats how i'll lead into it

what happened after he came? you just like walk home or something? did he say anything to you during/after?

Did you contacted him again?

Yeah that sounds like a good way to initiate it, I'd love something like that

+1for rape.

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Story of said rape please

Do you think you only liked it because it's all you know?

He threw me an oldish looking t-shirt and told me to use it to make sure I didn't get cum anywhere, cause it was kind of leaking out of me. Then he just left me in his apartment, I don't know where he went. I just cleaned myself up the best I could and left as quickly as possible. And yeah, I went home and showered repeatedly. I was a mess.

Emu agrees with op

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how long did it take you to start to find the experience hot? how soon after did you masturbate about it?

I didn't like it when he was doing it, i was scared and it hurt. But afterwards yes, that's how I lost my virginity and it was all I knew for a long time and now it's the only thing I can get off to.

Saw him briefly in person a few times, avoided all eye contact. Left as quick as I could.

Can't remember exactly because it was a while ago now, but fairly soon after it happened.

Well you ain't wrong. Maybe a little off the tracks but you did cross the finish line

>Women need to be raped

stopped reading there

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How old were you?
Do you wish it didn't happen?
Has it affected u in any way besides it being the only thing you get off to now?

I was 13.
Yeah, I wish it never happened.
Fucked me up in plenty of other ways, particularly when it comes to just every day stuff. Get scared to be home alone, or alone with men. Get nervous when talking to men, can't make eye contact which is really frustrating in certain situations.
Can't have a normal relationship cause vanilla sex won't satisfy me. List is endless

fuck off you shit bag


I'm sorry bro, i can't imagine the mental anguish that situation has imposed on you

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We can locate a fucking ISIS stronghold, but we can’t doxx one scabby urethra of a human being so we can shank the fucker with his own broken bones?

How old was he? how did you even get in that situation?

and yeah im sorry, i feel like that because of what happened to me aswell

Aw thanks, it's okay though, I just get on with it, seems normal now

Well i wouldnt go THAT far. Its nice to see different emotions in sex tho. I.. Wish i knew why im into this.

Been to prison. Rape is quite uncommon. Its most often a strongarm arrangent.

Not sure exactly, but in his mid twenties.
Sorry that happened to you though

See what op said is true, as soon as it could your vagina led you to someone who wanted to shove his cock deep inside you.

I truly and honestly wish you the best of luck

You've obviously got the cognizance to crush this, but the fact that you're on 4fag tells me you're in a low place

I honestly just come here to get off.


by talking about when you were rapes?

Not necessarily, haven't really done that much at all, it's the stuff about rape on here I get off to.

the thought of other women being raped turns you on?

Because only Chads rape girls

reddit has a subreddit for people like you called rapekink check it out.

I'm a sissy cd and have a huge kidnap/rape fantasy fetish.

I want to be forcefully taken and made to feel pleasure out of it

spread butthole and take a pic for us

ngl thats the same reason im here

hilarious huh? two broken husks seeking validation in the the depraved asshole of the internet

what a life

we're here to talk about raping girls, not raping faggots

I use it a lot

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Reading things that men have put about wanting to rape woman turns me on.

The name is: Rape, Rape-Rape.

Good just wanted to make sure. Makes me feel less shitty as a guy into this knowing their are women who are also into it so I feel less like an actual rapist.

nice butthole babe, I wish I will drill that boy pussy, can you take another one?

I think a lot of woman are into it. But I prefer coming here rather than rape kink because it's less moderated. On reddit a post like this would of been taken down immediately. Here I can actually read about how men want to rape women.

what about it turns you on?

Just everything about it, i mean, I got wet just from reading what OP put. Something about a man wanting to completely dominate a woman, hold her down and fuck her even when she's struggling, crying and saying no. It just turns me on differently.

If you're gonna bait at least make it less obvious

if it happened again to you, would you fight, or be turned on enough to become a quasi-consensual partner?

I love how vulnerable they are after a rape breathing hard and depersonalizing and trying to mentally deal with it while your cum leaks out of their holes. I love not letting them clean up for awhile to make them feel it longer.

Faggot. Kill yourself

Your post makes me want to be a woman.

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If your cunt is wet that just means I have to rape your shithole to hurt you more instead then force you to lick my dirty cock clean after and thank me for raping you while tears stream down your eyes.

Probably would fight it, I'd struggle the whole time, maybe cry too if he uses violence. I just wouldn't be able to stop myself from getting wet or have multiple orgasms.

Some men are closer to animals than humans

i'd love to cum in you while you're struggling and crying and having an involuntary orgasm

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I bet you want to feel your cunt be sore the next day after the rape.

He should be raped too.

But not the good kind of rape.

It's the only thing I can think about that actually gets me off :(

nope. biological imperative? did you know that ducks had to develop a sexual organ which function was to inhibit any rapist duck from cheating the darwinian system.

maybe if youre a chad but even then, that's only a fantasy. no woman in their right mind would want power taken away by some stranger for disgusting reasonings.

If I am not in control or having power over a woman I struggle to get off it sucks. Thankfully sluts like you exist to take my cock so I don't rape random bitches.

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Yes, I want it to hurt

Maybe I should fist you if that is the case make you take three or four fingers to start and then shove my entire hand into your cunt and spread my fingers around as you scream and wail telling me to stop your body thrashing. Once I finish and your orgasm subsides removing my hand with a sloppy splortch sound a solid kick to your still contracting pussy to remind you what a worthless whore you are.

I was raped multiple times as a kid by two cousins 1m 1f over a summer. It has fucked me up for life. I raped my wife one time and got her pregnant and it was the fastest strongest orgasm of my life and scared the shit out of me.

this is what a typical rapist looks like


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wwyd if you found this

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