Should i flirt with her?

Should i flirt with her?

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Should i?



is she preggo?

Should i?



Should i go back?

Does she like me?

Will she forgive me?

does she want to break up with me?


Was she just an attention whore

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Will i find a new job quickly?

am i gonna pass my exam?

Would she ever get back with me ?

Will we get together with Jessica?

Will I get a job (or motivate myself to write more)soon?

does she like me

Will Zimmerman win his lawsuit against the Martin Family?

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will my couple last forever

Am I gonna get #MeTooed?

I hope not. All shooting of Trayvon aside, he is a total waste of sperm.


is op a nigger?

is op a fucking nigger??

88 nice


Trayvon's family deserves to get sued and lose. They raised a degenerate drug fiend and instilled a hatred for order and civility into him to turn him into another monster just like them and they went out of their way to play the victim and drag Zimmerman's name through the mud.

is she turned on

should i transition now

Should I go to this girls place where her and another female friend are drinking but I don't feel like being social?

Will she come back to me?


will i get my package today?

will i get the job?

Okay, but what about her friend?

does the 8-ball work?

Would Dana suck my dick?

Could I have my way with Milan

I don't think you need an 8ball for an answer to that one.

Will I get a gf in 2020?

Should I flirt with her

Should I date her

would she suck me off?

Will she break my heart a second time?

I see. Should I go for that Muslim chick then?

no that's illegal

Trying again.

should I do what op is doing but with girl in mind and more indepth?

should I drop music?

Should I stop all musical projects?

same question

all right fuck you ball

Heyy! he was behind of this...?

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Will Andy pick me?

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Should i go back?

is it going to be okay?

for real?

so it actually will be okay and you were just fucking with me?



Is West Point out of the question?


Well, this might get interesting...

Will they sent me to study there?

should we have sex?



Will Maribel del Carmen spread her vagina for me and let me cum inside her?

>Will Maribel del Carmen spread her vagina for me and let me cum inside her?

will she take the driving licence?

will we get back toghether?


Little girl next year?

can i get some cute cosplayer gf?

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Should I?

Should i shoot my shot

is the world ending before the end of the year?

Fuck no

is it?

Will she get pregnant?


Should I drink more?


Am I bi?

is she into me?

Will I have a good time at B?

Is OP a faggot?

This 8-ball is full of shit.

Am I epic

are traps gay?

should i post my ass in this thread?

Will I get to second base within a month?

I'm going to date her?