Bruh, men aren't mad at women for taking birth control

Bruh, men aren't mad at women for taking birth control

Men aren't mad at women for enjoying sex

Men ARE mad that women want us to PAY for their birth control thru tax dollars

Men ARE mad that women are afraid of us when we approach them in a bar (when all those statistics about rape and murder are applicable to partners and spouses, NOT strangers)

And they won't even let most men hit it raw, they still demand condoms because "just in case"

Bitch if there were a condom that cost 50$, and ACTUALLY felt like nothing at all, we'd bust our asses to pay for that shit

Shit like this gets me heated, who tf are they arguing with?

Fuckin' dumb bitches never realized that slut shaming means shaming a girl who eats a couple free meals/drinks and DOESN'T put out

sei ancora un fascista?

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Why shouldn't way pay?

Why shouldn't who pay? You're slurrin' a bit bud lol

>Govt paying for birth control is cheaper than govt paying for and taking care of unwanted babies.
>Women are afraid of you approaching them in a bar, because you're the kind of cunt that demands a woman fuck you because you bought her a drink.
>Condoms don't just stop pregnancies. They also stop STD's.

I'm not mad about the oddball crap you're mad about, so don't try to lump me into your definition of "Men".


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the amount of sex women get these days would send a country broke lmfao fuck women and their condom excuses. give it to them raw and they will choose 1 man and not the entire town to fuck.

thots are cancer

>Birth control should be irrelevant because abortion should be legal right up until the 72nd trimester (ok maybe not that far)
>I'm not kidding, women should absolutely have the right to kill their child without repercussion (possibly up to 1 or 2 years)

Look, buying her a drink is one thing

But I've had 2 separate female friends, from different groups, confide in me that they swiped on Tinder for a free meal, while they had food at home? With no intention of seeing the guy again? It makes my blood boil

If you're both clean of STDs, why use a condom? A friend of mine in a "committed" relationship seem to think this is normal, despite her boyfriend having a hard time keeping it up (medical related, loss of sensitivity due to botched surgery, he's healthy otherwise)

You may not realize it, but you are mad

Do you not see all the social media posts?

Haha right? I hate this double standard of women saying "hey WE can't get boyfriends either!"

That's right, it's hard to get a good committed relationship, it's hard for two people to have the same interests and schedules

However, it's not hard for a woman to get laid

Compà, stai in Italia e posti pure sta roba, a momenti i parrini ti entrano in casa per dirti che Gesù non vuole che usi i preservativi sia maschili che femminili, e se papà vede che vai a cercare troppi maschi allora sei buttana.

Nobodys putting you in any definition of "man"

Go away Russia

Lol, if you got laid once in awhile you'd see the actual benefit of condoms. I'm not putting my cock raw into some hole a couple dozen guys have been inside. And shouldn't you be more upset about other things your tax dollars go towards? Things like retarded wars and building $20 mil missiles to kill a dozen ragheads.

How retarded are you in real life?


Mmmm, yes fill me up with your sweet tangy salt

>Compà, stay in Italy and even stuff is just stuff, at times the parrinos come into your house to tell you that Jesus does not want them to use both male and female condoms, and if Dad sees that you are going to look for too many males then you are thrown.
Sorry bro, I'm bound by the laws of Google Translate, but I think I get the gist

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I want a social conservative as president now, mike pence would be good

Nah, Social Conservatism is almost explicitly the opposite of personal freedom imo.

Social-anything is a problem, people don't want to be told what to do. That's what the left is slogging through now, they don't understand that YOU CANNOT LEGISLATE CULTURAL CHANGE. It must die off with the generation prior. Sure, you can legislate specific ASPECTS of day to day life, but not a culture as a whole

>hurrr look guise i use trolling as a vehicle to spread hate speach

paying for birth control or the cost of raising the child on welfare. Ill take the birth control everytime

Ok, this, right here. What part about anything I said is hateful?

Aggravated? Yes. Frustrated? Yes. But where do you see in this thread anything that would indicate to you, user, that I hate women?

I love women, very much. And the women in my life love me. Seeing women this angry and lashing out via social media, it's poisoning relations between the genders.

Where is it "socially acceptable" to ask out a woman these days? Online dating, and that's about it. Do you know the ratio of men to women on Tinder? If you did, you'd think something was amiss too.

If we're gonna go that route then by all means, let's get some tax exemptions for vasectomies

But it's gonna backfire. Smart dudes will take the money.

Dumb motherfuckers are gonna keep pumping out smaller dumb motherfuckers

Nobody likes you.

Damn, being a virgin sure has its perks lol

Bro, it doesn't matter whether anyone likes me or not, I like MYSELF.

My whole life I cared what other people thought. Now, I just do what I think is right and in the past two years I've turned my life around from a hopeless drunk to a sober productive member of society. I even go to the gym now!

I fucked 4 women over the summer. FOUR! Bro that's like record setting for me. AND WE'RE STILL TALKIN!

In the wise words of the great philosopher group, Huey Lewis and The News, "It's hip to be square"

I hope that everyone is able to feel the way I do now. Instead of peaks and lows, I'm a consistent, mellow, happy. No medication either!

On the contrary amigo! I only learned to talk to women through practice and sheer trial and error. I had to unlearn EVERYTHING that was taught to me by my guidance counselors, teachers, aunts, grandmother and mother. It only worked after I accepted one hard, ugly fact:

Women don't know shit about how to raise men.

I meant myself sorry lol
I wasn't trying to be sarcastic

Nobody cares


This is a propaganda thread, abort now anons.

>Lol I made a mistake lol whoops lol is anybody there lol
>No really is anybody there

What compelled you to write this?

>His thread
>His life.jpg

Getting laid is easy just get plastic surgery user

Oh shit sorry man haha. It's alright you'll get there! Just be the person you WANT to date. Be thorough, be truthful, be trusting. Everything you do matters.

Also hitting the gym wouldn't hurt, women are shallow af lmao (but so am I for that matter)

And every time you reply, it gets bumped up to the top. So why do you reply?

Sei ancora un fascista?

>If I ask enough questions will user finally break and humor me?

>Find out next time on Autistball Z

you don't pay taxes, cleetus, you white trash meth freak.

it's funny how republicans whine about paying taxes, whilst they receive hundreds of billions in blue state welfare money.

>farmers receive subsidies
>this somehow means you can't have an opinion on how tax dollars are spent

Hahah I'm not a redneck! Close though, I live too far north to be a redneck, but we used to have ATVs. Had to sell 'em though, nowhere to ride!

Nah don't worry about him, he was way off anyway. Apparently I'm actually extraordinarily liberal, for all my "unusual" views. I honestly don't know any white trash like what this user is describing, but I do know plenty of white trash XD

Then don't pay for her meal, u cunt. This is the 21st century. Split the fucking bill.

If you don't understand why 2 new partners shouldn't wear a condom, you're a fucking walnut. Jfc, read something, you uneducated fuck.

Read the post fool, I'm talking about women deliberately leading men on, and forcing them to pay, "Oh I'm sorry, I forgot my wallet, I'll get it next time ;)" then BOOM number blocked. THIS IS SOMETHING MORE THAN ONE FRIEND HAS CONFIDED IN ME, that's alarming as fuck

I get why two NEW people should wear a condom, I don't get why two people in a committed relationship, free of STDs, AND she's on birthcontrol, needs to wear a condom. Because that is what I am seeing out here in the real world

Either that, or my guy friends are lying about their girls making them use condoms, which is also alarming

Long story short, m8, I've found that women who are the most afraid of men have the most REASON to be afraid of men...

...because they treat men like shit

Same way that dudes who used to harass women on the reg are now sweating through their shirts, they've treated women like shit their whole lives and now "time's up"

Unfortunately, the definition of harassment has been expanded to "approaching a woman in any space public or private in which such an approach was not clearly defined or agreed upon in advance"

And that is what alarms me the most. It's the wrong boogeyman.

how much does it cost for the state to deliver a baby and raise it for 18 years as an orphan?

is that amount more or less than the cost of birth control?

how about an abortion. is that less or more than the cost of birth control?

if a person is unable to afford birth control, they are also unable to afford an abortion, or delivering a child.

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>Unfortunately, the definition of harassment has been expanded to "approaching a woman in any space public or private in which such an approach was not clearly defined or agreed upon in advance"

This basically says "never encounter women unless you want to get your dick wet so bad you're willing to gamble your future on it"
toss that on to the pile of reasons to avoid the entire affair

>If we're gonna go that route then by all means, let's get some tax exemptions for vasectomies
let's not cut someone a check for a vasectomy. just make the procedure free. don't be retarded.

If you are a heterosexual man and you avoid contact with all women, you will wind up suicidal. Human contact is a real need, it fucks with your head if you don't have a warm touch every once in a great while

Birth control is reversible, vasectomies are *possibly* reversible. The implication is that it's a permanent thing. If you permanently surrender your ability to have a child, for the good of the nation, to cut back on population and reduce the welfare state, you should be awarded something. I think a small break on federal income tax would be fair for such a permanent decision.

Same applies to women too, get your tubes tied for taxes, I can see the banners now!

Then condoms should be free, yet they are not. If we can't even make condoms free and accessible to the general public how the hell are we going to do that with pharmaseuticals?

The entitlement of the women of my generation is what's staggering. Shit costs money. We can't subsidize a 5$ pack of condoms, and women expect to get their pills (which may or may not work, depending if they miss one or their own bodies chemistry) for free?

Nah, the whole idea is dumb anyway. I say dump money into male birth control. If you're just shooting for target practice, why make one person wear a bulletproof vest when it's much safer to load blanks into the gun temporarily

Alright guys well this has been a GAS. I'll be back sometime soon with another half baked rant about some hot button social issue

Thank you all for participating, we'll see you again soon!

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The OP must be like 17 and lonely. God this whole thread has been so cringe..

What about type 1 diabetics, those leeches? People with cancer or hereditary diseases? Insurance is a pool that the healthy pay more of into so that ALL in the plan can get treatment. And yes, some people abuse that, but that just like life isn't fair. I am also pro birth control and abortions cause theres too many cunts in the world already. I would rather have half the current population if they were mostly brilliant, than 7 billion mediocre fucks and 800 million useful people.

>implying being a woman is a medical condition
>smart people use birth control, cutting down the number of smart people, as dumb people out breed them

Lol wtf?

Speak for yourself, I'd much rather pay a fraction of a penny out of my salary for birth control than a small fortune for the cost of feeding, clothing, educating, and eventually incarcerating unwanted children.

The article it titled "The Lonely Burden of Today’s Teenage Girls"

And it then goes onto describe issues brought on by social media which have affected both men and women.

This is the kind of bullshit OP is talking about

You seem to be under the impression the options are either birth control, or welfare. Death is always an option

Faggot fuck off

I mean, if you want to get technical, they bleed 3 months out of the year, they have a higher propensity for mental health problems, they have menopause and a vastly higher risk for breast cancer than men so....

Lets fuck with feminists on Twitter by getting something ridiculous trending we made cut for bieber and a few others lets see what we can do

>if you wanna get technical, women are not equal to men

Or we can play the other game where I compare how women may bleed 3 months but that's a natural process, men aren't SUPPOSED to bleed at all and yet they get fucked up all the time, probably something work related.

We can't say that anymore, ultimately this is the best case scenario, in the coming years women get equality out the asshole, and the attitude changes from one of "I'm a strong independent woman" to "hey... this is heavy, can you take care of it for me?"

Meh, I'm sick of the trolling, I feel like it'll only drive the wedge further.

Sooner or later, women will notice that, as long as you judge him by his cover, men are not as dangerous as you think. The due with the shirt and tie? Might have roofies on him, might just be employed. Either way, less of a chance of getting beaten than if they went with Mr. Tattoos-n-Syringes

Men lead women on too. People are shitty and take advantage of one another. And more than one friend is still anecdotal evidence. Still I'm sorry it happened to your friend.

Birth control still has a possibility of failing. Adding a condom makes sex that much safer. If you're that upset about wearing a condom find a girl that doesn't. My anecdotal evidence is i know more girls who are uncommitted and sexually active that DONT use condoms. My male friends are more careful than the females I know.