Let's play a game, Sup Forums

Let's play a game, Sup Forums.

Name something to do with bdsm, and I'll try find you a webm of it.

>Only legal. Only girls. Sauce is in the file name.

Should I keep this porn to or should I continue doing these threads here on Sup Forums as well?

>gif thread for anybody that wants sound:

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Head over to for higher quality and longer webms with sound. Sup Forums has gotten even worse for webms since it reduced the max file size to 2MB. Not only is the quality worse, but it now prevents any of the old circulating 2+MB files.

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forced puking

Some very painful bdsm masturbation. Once saw a video where a "kinda edgy" girl was just basically sexually hurting herself on camera - by own desire. Whipping, gagging and all other kinds or painful experiences, while totally getting off on it.

Hit up for a board dedicated exclusively to hardcore porn.

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I want this but more extreme.

Extreme discomfort. Almost to the point it's not enjoyable for the girl.

Dubs checked. Here's some puking, but it's barely related to bdsm. Go ask on the thread, and I'll rip you one later today.

Do you have another request?

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Here's a girl fucking herself to orgasm with a toilet brush.

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For contrast, this is how another girl reacts to a toilet brush getting shoved inside her.

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thx m8

I can post this on with sound if you want to hear the amount of discomfort.

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Dunking in water and hardcore choking?

You're welcome. Got another request?

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no wonder I'm a virgin, I don't see the point in this kind of shit.


May I ask how you are doing this?

Male ANAL Vibrator insertion (big)

I've been doing this for a long time now. I've ripped a pretty large collection of webms that I can pull from. I wrote a program that makes this pretty easy.

I use these threads to inject OC to the boards. If people ask for something, then I know it's wanted. More efficient than just spamming random shit that nobody cares about.

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Nacho had a good shoot with drowning and choking unconscious.

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More infernal restraints please

nose hook and foot torture, bonus point if the feet are dirty

complete sensory deprivation while they're getting the shit fucked out of them

A girl cumming out of pure pain.

Sometimes it's not about the point, it's about several points.

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Coomers go to your 10 other boards

How do you slowly drown?

This is the closest that I can think of. A girl tied down in a tank of water, with a bag over her head. She either suffocates in the bag, or the bag fills with water.

Attached: insex - 20050824 - Primal Terror (Koko) - o2 bag water suspended predicament - 05 - M.webm (424x240, 1.96M)

Did you read the OP?

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Electric needles stick in the clitoris.

Really horny woman getting fucked/licked by tied guy ?

bondage fucking where you can see the woman crying

What do you want to see from infernal restraints?

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Find something that she needs

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I've unironically, have been searching for these.
Quite ago I saw a bdsm porn, both girls, where one of them pretends to be mentally sick, so she starts saying all of her symptoms by heart. Then, the medic realizes she's lying and then they fuck.

ones where you question whether the actress is enjoying the shoot

Name of the girl?

Here's Emma Marx blindfolded with earbuds in, getting hot wax poured on her, then fucked.

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Nice trips.

Here's a hogtied girl, gagged with a nose hook, getting tazed with an electric cattle prod on her tits and feet. The feet are pretty dirty, because she's in a barn.

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i want a girl to cry or have an breakdown


This is a worksafe board, fuck off coomers.

This is a worksafe board, fuck off coomers.

This is a worksafe board, fuck off coomers.

This is a worksafe board, fuck off coomers.

Here's a girl getting her tits whipped with a belt until she cums.

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A skinny babe caned hard enough to make her ass bleed, then a guy fucking her as she cries

This one is a rare classic that always seems to be missing

Here's a woman getting her clit ring electrocuted.

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Did someone say Spider-man thread?

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Dunno what exactly it’s called, but multiple nose hooks being used at once like in pic? Preferably to a Caucasian woman. I’ve seen too much of the Japanese, they just don’t do it for me anymore.

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thanks man

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Fuck, I'm always late to these.

I've been on the lookout for someone having clover nipple clamps pulled/yanked off. Specifically pulled off, not removed normally. Cheers!

Go post in the /gif/ thread in the OP. He goes back to /gif/ threads.

If this thread prunes I'm gonna kill you all

oh i had trips, nice, who's this tasty piece of meat? oh i love insex, the doms were obsessed with noses and feet, such a great place

forced piercing? this is hot, more? specially the nipples


Lesbian breath deprivation by one girl face-sitting on the other. Extra points for bottom squirming and struggling to get free, god points for top visibly coming at the same time.

Go back to /gif/
We finally got a much needed porn purge and you pick now to bring these threads to Sup Forums?

Ignore that faggot.
Glory to the PORN!

I've only ever seen these threads on Sup Forums.

keep these on /gif/. without sound it kinda sucks.

It's just people who are dead inside or got abused when they were young and have tied pain, injury humiliation and degradation to their sexual experience and ability to feel anything.

Nobody is doing something like harshly scraping the insides of their vagina with a stiff toilet brush just for the money. This is to feel as ripped up as daddy made her feel when he tore up her pussy as a child. Sick fuckers all around. The people doing it are acting out their own warped sexual power dynamics and psychological traumas.

The people watching it either fall into the curious desensitized or the truly sick who hate women, hate sexual pleasure or can't get an erection without seeing someone go through excruciating experiences they can vicariously take enjoyment from.

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PS: Hey coomers. Can't wait to hear how in your mind this is all normal and nobody involved is a sick fuck. Or how you're 3edgy for not caring and liking soulless, inhuman garbage.

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Thanks for understanding, auntie

Edgy coomers are pretty easy to figure out.

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Check out too.

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