The way this 12 year old girl bites her lips and the fact that she looks 20

The way this 12 year old girl bites her lips and the fact that she looks 20...

She could seduce and jail any grown man that she wanted to

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you're telling me that chick is 12? im gonna need some proof


> not knowing who this babe is

She's posted almost everyday man, and not just by me . This is her and her 14 year old sister on the right .

She's still hotter though

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She's probably the most mature looming 12 year old girl I've ever seen tbh.

This is hee with some 18 year old faggot

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sure she is twelve. If anything I'd call her a post teenage-pedo-girl who seeks contact to real children.
No parent (or social worker for that matter) would allow a twelve year old to dress like a whore and produce click-whore-content on pedo-tube.

Her father did get in a bit of trouble in the past and she had to delete everything involving her and this guy in pic related because of controversy between them two...

I wonder if she's a virgin

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>I wonder if she's a virgin
I like the salt in the meal you serve, good sir.


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Just imagine when shes 18, shes going to look so weathered

Probably bro.

I guess Latinas reach their peak by 14 kek. She does love to pose and hug older guys though lol

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you better bro

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stop spilling BS.
she is 20 at least.

Really need more proof she is in fact only 12. There's no fucking way.

More duckface

Half of these pics aren't even mine lol. You need to lurk more man.

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I would honestly kill for her and do anything under the sun just to be hers she's the epitome of beauty and perfection holy fuck I need help she's so gorgeous. I think Many 12yo girls are gross but she the only girl that makes me want to commit

Her duckfaces make her look so hot. I usually want to punch fags that make duckfaces but she's an exception

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Prove her age or gtfo.

Why dont u just ask for a sauce instead acting like an autist "nO wAy ShE's TwElVe" and keep bumping? Fucking faggot