Greatest US president in history

>greatest US president in history

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>Pic related

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He is speaking in my town right this very minute. Hershey, PA. Should I run down the street and tell him ALL of Sup Forums fully support King Trump?

the man. the legend.


You meant to show a picture of JFK, but somehow you put up a clown that Americans love for some reason.


> He is speaking in my town right this very minute.
He may be speaking, but we haven't seen much evidence that he is thinking these days.

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Why would I be triggered, not even American, just speaking some truth JFK was your best president you ever had.

Until the higher ups killed him as catholicism was gaining traction in the US which is mostly Protestant.

King Trump is a Genius b/c he said he's a genius, so his words are too pure and too intellectual for a kek like you to understand. Now go back downstairs to your parent's basement.

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The military industrial complex and the CIA killed him because he refused to go into a bloody war against "communism" in Vietnam. Plus he fucked movie stars so he was pretty rad.

You seem to take an awful interest in America, and nobody takes an interest in your 3rd world shithole.

FDR, no debate

Who's history? Russia?

You will find that a convenient excuse, he was a catholic, and that was a no no even during that time.

He rebuilt America from the mass recession it was still in from WW2, boosted employment in the US, helped NASA get ahead of the Russians to get on the moon by increasing their spending, and yes didn't want troops to go to Vietnam, because it was nothing to the US, only the fagoids in the Senate and Congress who were all anti-communism wanted to.

Yeah what a shit show Vietnam turned out to be, as JFK was right, you didn't win, you lost so many people, you killed allies because your armed forces were too ignorant to know the difference when hitting them with Napalm and Agent Orange.

Now you are actually triggered, deal with it, I am talking about your country whether you like it or not, you can go cry elsewhere if you don't like it.

Greatest shit for brains in history!

>you can go cry elsewhere
Where are you from, little internet faggot?
You're probably too embarrassed to be truthful.