Anyone here have been with black girls? Two questions: is it true that they smell...

Anyone here have been with black girls? Two questions: is it true that they smell? Also what were the biggest differences of being with a black gf from being with a white gf?

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One’s a nigger, the other isn’t.

I mean they don't inherently smell different than girls of other races, just depends on the individual lol

Biggest differences include a different skin shade and that's about it

Some stink and some smell normal. Same as with anyone else. Biggest difference is that their skin is darker than mine. Other differences vary from black girl to black girl... same as with anyone else.

I was with a quadroon once

That's a fucking lie the smell is much worse and if you share clothes or whatever they stink the shit out of it and you have to wash it multiple times

They smell like an overdose of lotion. Their hair both on head an everywhere else is kinda gross too.

The ones I’ve been with are absolutely kinky though. They are desperate for white dick


Black women give the best head.

>They are desperate for white dick
Seems like ever race other than white women are desperate for white dick.

Dude a girl can smell if they don’t shower or bath after a long day. Just like how your dick would smell like shit after work or over 8 hours of hot sweaty balls. If you hook up with someone knowing full well they haven’t bathed for over 8 hours then no fucking shit they will smell

You're going to have to wade through a lot of virgin posts but I have some experience in this category, my other half doesn't smell different to any other girl I've ever been with.
She's loyal, does all sorts of shit for me and puts up with a lot of my bullshit. There's always going to be some cultural differences but that can be a positive thing you experience together.

Was that.....a mature educated answer on Sup Forums? I'm actually shocked. I was fully expecting some hurp durp black people suck answer, or even worse some trying to sound educated while saying the exact same thing. "Let me scientifically break down how black people are worth less than white people, not that I'd ever express this idea around a black person of course"
Bravo, we might actually be capable of starting am actual conversation here

No, theres no difference. Like every other race you judge the individual. Its fucking shameful that has to be explained. I've been with white girls, black girls, asian, middle eastern, and most every other race....there's no difference man, not on any real scale. I really thought Sup Forums would be a place to find closeted genius, but man I'm really starting to see how much of my own time I've wasted. Just scrolling and seeing the same 5 threads over and over. 1) white person explains or asks why other white people think being white is best, or inversely why other races are less. Whoa boy, be careful of all that edge in your echo chamber! 2) sexual retardation...dont need to explain. 3)edgy humor! Usually consisting of variations on the other parts of this list 4)oh boy I'm so sad, everyone else should look at this 5) someone trying very hard to have their own opinions either justified or the opposite and trying to offend the sensibilities of people they either dont understand or view as less. Fuck is this place toxic and not even in the fun clever way it used to be.

Have some black titties

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Black girls tend to have darker skin

Fuck you nigger careful man. You might offend someone. But I applaud the courage it took to say that

Idk most black girls aren’t very attractive.

edit omg thanks for all the answers

I've always thought niggers smelt of baby powder or nappies. I'm assuming it's lotion for their dusty ass elbows.

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what about Latinas? i always imagine their pussy tastes like salsa


I'm with an asian girl at the moment, and thanks for this
>There's always going to be some cultural differences but that can be a positive thing you experience together.
Its been good, but I've kinda been worried as well.

Also, OP, I've never been with a black girl, but I just assume they are like any other girl

Don't even wash your clothes in the same washer. You'll have to burn all your clothes and learn to cope with stinking like a nigger for the rest of your life.

an asian? i could rape one for 29 bucks at the
local massageshop! poor you