Guys im like 11 and im new to this site i found it out by reading this guy called mr.greentext...

guys im like 11 and im new to this site i found it out by reading this guy called mr.greentext. can you guys help me find a way to find greentext and no bad boy pp things?
pic unrealted

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Back to youtube


press alt f4 while typing


You have a virus called system 32 that prevents you from using the greentext format on Sup Forums
The get rid of the virus you just have to delete system 32 on your computer

It opens a greentext finder by category

where do i find system 32?

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how do i category?

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In your files

thanks anonymouse man! will try to find them

It seems that you are having a hard time using this website for the first time
Click on the following link for useful tutorials on how to use every feature on Sup Forums without any problems

Yeah good luck Remember to right click on system32 When you see it and then delete it

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Hey dude im kinda having a hard time finding it in my files may you please make a video on youtube plz?

Here you go

dude im sorry but im 11 so this stuff is kinda hard can you give me a youtube video on how to delete system32 on python? im learning the code so this will be a great project :D!!!!!

> " WHAT DOES ALT F4 DO? " ;
It immediately exits (shuts down) the currently active application that you are "focussed upon" i.e consciously in the process of using / observing on your monitor. At the moment it is your Browser that you are using to read this post.
> " where do i find system 32? " ;
Don't go looking for it:
the evil person who has mentioned it will attempt to get you to delete it, and it will (in the short term) make your computer unusable, until your operating system is reinstalled - which might actually cause you to lose all your precious data - music photographs, eBooks, wordprocessor & spreadsheet files etc..

You should not be posting here if you really are eleven years old,: and the mere fact that you have suggested you are is enough for you to get officially banned from the site - that would effectively mean that any computer device connected to he internet via your internetservice provider would be blocked from posting to Sup Forums - including other members of your family who might have their own computers that they might want to use to access Sup Forums.


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Hey kid. I know this is your first time here but you are supposed to be over 18 years of age. This site is like the Mos Eiseley spaceport in Star Wars. A hive of scum an villainy. Most people here will just fuck with you. There is also too much porn for you here. If you look at it too much it will fuck you up for life and turn you into one of those filthy coomers. Just leave now while you can or if not stick to lurking by not commenting on anything until you are at least 18.

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also good advice for anyone under 18yo
that comes to Sup Forums.

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