What do you call this animal and what part of the world are you from?

What do you call this animal and what part of the world are you from?

>Possum, California

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its a possum

Brushbear. Canada.

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south carolina


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Lemur, Serbia



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kitty north

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Grinner, Wisconsin

do you actually pronounce the O at the beginning?



when I was a kid, the family jack russel terrier ripped half the face off one of these possums because the possum had been steeling dog food. I took the hissing monstrosity and released it about 5 miles down the road. Very next night the damn thing came back and faught our family dog. Vengeful creatures.


Gambá, Brazil

Buidelrat, the netherlands

Rodents Of Unusual Size
ROUS for short.

Fire Swamp



Uruguay - Comadreja

Opossum. North Americas only marsupial. Possum is a different animal that lives in Australia.

Zarigüeya, townfolk call them zorras (foxes) for whatever bullshit reason.

Some banana republic in the middle of buttfuck nowhere.

You must be from Guatemala then

New Zealand. This is our number one public enemy.
Introduced from Australia to NZ in 1837 as a source of meat and fur. Introduced to an environment that one had one mammal (a bat) before humans arrived. Even the birds did bother to fly anymore because they were so safe.
Since 1837 this fucker has destroyed thousands upon thousands if unique, old order forests that have been alone for 20+ million years. Next to human these have been the worst for the forests and continue to do so.
There is no market to finance their destruction.
Can we hunt them for fur? No. Thanks PETA, you religious fuckers.
There is no export meat market for possum.
Their fur can be used like wool and are very good for socks and cold weather gear.

So they get poisoned, (not a good option for the environment). Genetic biological control is resisted by some.

I just run them over whenever I see them.

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proto-rat, surface dweller


zarigüeya or chucha

That's a Roadie Flat Rat.

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A cute baby who just wants a hug.

:'( This made me cry.

Timbú. Paraíba Huehue
Mucúra. Pará, also huehue

is it legal to have one of these as a pet in texas? i want to raise one from a babby to have a friend and i love how opossums look. so cute.

You need a license to.

Mississippi rat, any non southern state.

Ugly mega-rat, my neighborhood

Opossum, Zariguella, not a Comadreja

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Another pic

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How dare you call the little puppies ugly.

Florida, we say "possum" but it's spelled "opossum". Mostly cause people from Alabama will say 'There's O' possum in thee yard" that sounds like "There's uh possum" which most educated people think is "There's a possum"

We call them tiny, precious, furry babies, where I'm from.