Rekt thread. Last one reached bump limit

Rekt thread. Last one reached bump limit.

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Even in spic countries the darker poo colored people assault lighter skinned people

based boomer

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Fuck you. You fucking got me.

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You got me all excited

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Looks like jeb!

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How is this rekt? Everyone knows the largest cities are the dirtiest places on Earth.

So fucking hot. Gave me instant boner.
Fukkin saved.

>urban city has rats

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The only way nigger fight 5 to 1

it's rakt.

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They should try the new "can" technology for garbage.

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I like this clip. Dude has definitely done it before and pretty cool how he moves the kid out of the room.

Something was obviously up just due to the cleanliness of their shirts.

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that video gave me vertigo

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for the record it's a fake.

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Love it

Lord that was so fucking hard to watch. A true rekt video.

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now he's a toaster :(

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I miss Jeb Bush

What even happen? she get raped or something?

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Funny thing is the French invented them.ène_Poubelle

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Bad tacos and food poisoning.


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I don't get it

Poubelle is a common name in France, the name of a teacher in school.
but he was nice so the name is funny till you know the guys.

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Papa ZimZam showed us how to deal with these sort.

The blood doesn't look real. Probably staged to dissuade that amazing meme. The world needs more dancing in the street.

Fucking bronze age peasants. You don't feed 'em fast enough and they start eating each other.

right in the feels


non, only niggers do.

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No means no, even if a woman is high or drunk.

That monkey just sits in the stone prison all day practicing his distraction dance and quick draw turd fling.

That isn't bronze age. That's just communism.

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That's what they call bein real niggas.

Several ways out of this. Gouge the dogs eyes. Twist it balls as hard as you can. Finger in asshole.

"She sais dee n werd, me go booga n ting"

Fuck Stalin and his mustache and fuck Chink Mao.

Also nice God trips.

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what a shit video

That retarded monkey isn't feeling anything, they barely develop a level of consciousness. It's just in a state of fear.


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Who exactly got rekt here? This just looks like some typical teenage drama bullshit. Only its being filmed by Pierre Morel

What the fuck does that even mean? Are you drunk?


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It's even worse in the south of paris where all the Syrian and African tent cities are

lol what was tubby even thinking?

A master of stealth

Yeh and pants on when crouched

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lol places like London, Rome, NYC, and LA are just as bad or even worse than this.

We need a new Gengis Khan to sudoku about half of these and teach them some manners.

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>place full of immigrants from completely different cultures turned to shit
Breaking news, water is wet.