How to get nudes?

How to get nudes?

Have a huge thing for this girl I went to high school with. Problem, she's kind of a prude. Other problem, she's close with my friends and could easily put me on blast.

Should I catfish? help me out here. I've been dying to see her tits.

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Cat fish and offer her money.

Or just be a man and ask.

hang yourself and have the last thought in your life be about cooming and you will hallucinate your ape-like fantasies before you breathe your final breath

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>put me on blast
Faggot detected.

She's kind of a libcuck; she definitely won't respond kindly if I just ask her.

also I'm fuckin poor

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Post her socials. Someone with balls will ask.

You're just a pussy OP, my advice is to just go for it. That's all I can say.

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Shoot your shot, OP If mile wide pussy doesn't take liking to you, try your hand on the next mile log pussy

>someone with balls will ask
you mean she'll be spammed with tiny cock pics

why would you not just shoot your shot and try and get in that?

She's saying she has savage tits and a killer ass in clothing. You... Just fucking kys either flirt with her or let it fucking go.

If shes a libcuck. Shes either a slut or desperate for cock. Shot your shot faggot

Okay listen up. Get cat on Craigslist, download vpn, dm her dressed as isis holding knife to cat, profit

If anyone's interested add my snap @harrisisherehon and I'll send you her socials

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Yeah her face ain't special, but her ass & tits are the greatest things I've ever seen

>Hasn't seen em

Then post more of body, not her ugly frog face. Then someone mite think it's worth it.

She doesn't post any body pics


Gonna hijack got one I'm trying to get to

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username doesn’t work