Hey Sup Forums first time taking xanax. Would 2mg be to much? Or should I take 1.5mg? I just wanna get fucked up

Hey Sup Forums first time taking xanax. Would 2mg be to much? Or should I take 1.5mg? I just wanna get fucked up

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Stop abusing your grandmother's medication, fruitcake.

take 1 and if you're not feeling it after an half hour take the other one. it's not going to "fuck you up", you might get a slight drunkenness and you'll fall asleep and barely remember it when you wake up. xanax isn't a good recreational drug, very addictive, horrible withdrawals, and the "high" isn't anything special.... have fun but please don't make a habit out of pill popping..... stick to bud

if you want to get fucked up 3 mg is a good dose

because its your first time id take 2mg, and see how that goes. common thing is you won't feel fucked, but you will be-this is called delusions of sobriety

its a good idea to take one and put the rest of them away so you dont take more in a daze. when you take to many mg you can blackout, which can lead to problems and bad things happening...

so try to avoid that.

Take half the bar. That's enough. Take .5mg after 3-4 hours. Rinse and repeat.

enjoy your 10 hours of sleep

you take 2 and youll probably just pass out

xannys arent really something you take to get fucked up

I experimented with xanax dosages for awhile, but I ended up stopping my research when I realized I was doing night-time craft projects that I have NO recollection of. These crafts involved scissors, paper, tape, and tin buttons (election kind). I do not wish to operate scissors with zero memory anymore, so I don't take it.

Still get tons per month, I just don't eat em.

You could probably take a whole 2 mg, but as another user said you might be tempted to take more and you shouldn't. If you black out you'll do dumb shit, and if you take WAY too many you could die in your sleep. I had a cousin who has fucked his life up because of Xanax. He got busted burglarizing cars in California when he was blacked out on bars. He got busted in Washington with a pocket full of Xanax when he was all barred out. He got a DWI 2nd in Texas when he crashed his car into a ditch when he was all barred out.

1 bar is good for first time

Take 2mg, then start drinking. You get to wake up in jail!

Just so you know, I personally know many people that have taken xanax. What's going to happen to you is that once you become addicted, your body will go into seizures from withdrawl. Your eyes will roll back in your head and someone will have to shove their wallet in your mouth so you don't bite your tongue off. Hopefully, there will be someone else there to call you an ambulance, because you need a hospital or you will literally die from the withdrawal. There is no other drug that will do that to you. Not coke, not crack, not heroin. Only benzodiazepam. Before you get addicted, you'll have a few black out nights where you wreck your car and wake up in a hospital remembering nothing. Some nights where you wake up in a jail cell with dried blood all over your shirt. Sounds fun right? Enjoy your xanax OP! I'm sure it won't happen to you. You're not like everybody else. You're different, it won't happen to a guy like you.

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Xanax will rape you

how long is the come down from the tolerance? aka how long does it take between stopping and starting to where 2mg will fuck you up rather than 20

Take a quarter of the bar. If you take 1mg your first time you’re going to pass out.

Take a whole bar don't be a bitch. My fucking grandma takes 90 bars a month and she's 95

Are you fucking retarded or something?

Just take 5mg and see if you trip balls, xanax is not for that.

Hope you're like me and xanax makes you hyper, ha ha enjoy fgt

Sub half a two mg bar. Tastes like shit but it’s the best way. Wait 30 minutes, if you’re not where you want to be, sub another half. If you want the ultimate fade that you may not wake up from, chug some liquor after subbing

Xanax doesn’t fuck you up. It slows you way the fuck down. Honestly not really even enjoyable. Afterwards it’s like trying to remember a hazy dream that you can’t quite figure out

Never take benzos. The worst withdrawals of any drug. You'll be twitching and screaming in pain for years after you stop taking them.

Benzos will rape you

yeah but you build tolerance and dependence, I wanna know how long it takes after you ramp down/cold turkey to where you can start taking normal doses again