Thread for waifu posting

thread for waifu posting
a waifu thread
this is a part where some sort of rules or something goes, i think
please just be nice

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I wish I had a better life.


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be the change you wish to see
do you prefer her in glasses?
why do you post this girl?
does she ever smile?
bunny ears are always nice
cute cute
i'm really interested in the background, it looks really detailed. anyway, i find her cute
that's really nice. i hope you're happy

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I wouldn't really say that; it's not like she needs them anyway.

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she looks cute in them, though. but she probably also looks cute in anything.
azunyap. super cute

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They look very nice indeed.
It makes her look smarter

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Best bro claimed

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I would fuck her until she gives me at least 10 children

who's the grey haired individual?
ah, nice. i couldn't smile more genuinely myself
it's gonna take a long time to get 10 children

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Not sure if it counts as a waifu.

But I'd hug and protecc her child form.

That desire to protect was the same that plunge me out of my depression and made improve my life.

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She looks cute in anything and nothing.

I suppose so. I don't think they'd last with all her firepower though.

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a daughterfu?
very nice. i'm sure you and she would be very happy
even as a toaster?

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How goes it. You a new yui or the yui that knows my buddy
If it's 2D and you lover her it counts

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Not how tell you this chief...
That's his friend Sieg.
A fellow bro appreciator, nice.
One day she won't have to use her firepower.

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Yui that knows your buddy?
who's Sieg?

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Hey there my doppelganger, good to see you again, hope you've been behaving yourself
Are you tugging my pecker. The drunken master and techno goth

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Sachiko claimed

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if i pull that off, will she die?
the goth lolita?
she's cute

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Their from Fate/Apocrypha
Shame. Still grinding away in Pokemon?
Yep, I've been good. No suggestive pics from me. Good to see ya.

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The world's cutest idol is required to be cute, after all
How is you?
Hi Sop II poster

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oh, i thought you were going for a joke...
cute and fuzzy

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What, the eye patch? No.

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That she is
Why the question mark. Only saying hello. Think i've made small talk with you before, if not my bad
Ya positive you are the yui i know. You able to summon them
Hell ya. Got to spread the word of astolfo to those lost souls. Pretty nice seeing you still here, you know how to fun post, take a drink with me
Welcome with your emo waifu

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Struck me as odd because i've been here all day.

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yeah, she's cute. i like her cuteness. it's pretty cute
i am okay
oh... okay, sorry
oh, right. yes... nice

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Ya my bad then. Just popped on, haven't been here for awhile. Was fairly sure remember chatting with you. Wanted to say hi
What is with this oblivion response, like a failed a speech check
Something tells me this isn't a waifu

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We must show them the ways of Astolfo, by force if necessary. But thanks, might as well have a drink, I'm not doing anything. What are you having?
Party foul, I let you down.
The Emperor of Mankind himself.

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Did you forget how to banepost fren?
Yours is also cute fren. Also glad you're having a good day!

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Just got back from 2006 what's up

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you're a big guy
it's okay
thank you
am i?

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Hello you.
You too!
Puppy isn't emo!

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Toaster Aegis is gross anyway.

Sort of. I have a team assembled, but realized I lack a tanky pokemon. I may be able to make do without one if I have Gardevoir on support though.

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I see i see. Probably did, but i can't be sure with how many Astalfo's there are running around.
How've you been?
Ahhh that's what that was. Well regardless no, i skipped out on internet culture during the whole baneposting phase, can't forget what i never really knew.
Jesus, i guess efg is that old. Yet another shortcut to making me feel old i suppose.

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you're nice
oh, sorry...
i don't understand

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Not sure how to fill you in.
Forgive me.
Good luck. Let me know how that goes.

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They will all remember the astolfo inquisition. Deus lo vult. Might as well have two drinks while you're at it. Drinking vodka like a woman hoping my gay buddy shows up
Welcome hope you've been enjoying your stay in this mess
The sky
Don't apologize. I know you and you know them
Dressed like a funeral home owner, she's a emo, sorry, not sorry, sorry
To my knowledge there is only me and the other one who's more current than me currently claiming. The other two i know of left or switched. Doing good. Left Sup Forums for a bit to focus more on personal relationships with family and friends. What about yourself if it's not too personal

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I forgive you.

I'll try my best to make it work. If not, I can always get the fish of suffering and murder everything in sight.

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i forgive you 7 times, and 70 times 7 times
thank you, i think
thank you

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If not, hopefully you have a better one tomorrow
How is you?
Thanks, and I am

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Only cheap wine at my place, can always count on that. Trying to prepare for 5 mile run tomorrow.
Enjoy yourself.
Let Fishpaste conquer the world. Is Snorlax in the game?
Many thanks, friend.

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More than 2 is too many for my squishy brain to keep track of, as far as (semi)anonymous posting is concerned.
Fine enough. Just working too much and missing my free time.

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You don't hear me saying Astolfo's a girl, just because he dresses like one, do you?
Thank you
Pretty good, just dealing with firewatch.

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Fishpaste has some trouble. She's a little bit on the slow side.
Snorlax is in, they just released G-max Snorlax this week.

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Cashing out... Sorry if anyone was going to reply. Merry Christmas to you all
Thank you... I think
Enjoy it to the fullest
Alright, so you're not my doppelganger but secretly my drunk aunt
Can't blame you for losing track. With your human meat matter receptacle. Not good and i feel for ya. Silver lining, breaks are X amount of days away. Then you can indulge in laziness
What if i do, huh punk You don't really want the other astolfo poster to kick your ass in my name. That be embarrassing

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Rest well

Toodles. Have a merry christmas.
I really want to object to "human meat matter receptacle" though. Sounds a little...

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Yui makes me happy every day. I've had some truly awful times in my life, especially recently but she's helped me through hard times for years!

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Military stuff, you saty up at night and miss out on sleep.
The other astolfo is a comfy dork, he won't do shit.

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thank you
you're welcome
you're welcome
have a nice day
God bless you. i hope your life continues to go well and happily, friend.

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I felt that
Sounds totally engaging and not boring at all

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Well just like last time, I'm hoping she'll conquer the stars and flex on the unworthy pokemon.
I swear it's not mine, see ya.
Limit your bleps.
Is Yui cosplaying Haruhi or did she steal her outfit?

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Alway rember borger

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My phone's about to die!
If I don't return(tonight), godspeed anons!

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I just need a good partner for her.

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I feel welcome.
I'm having the time of my life, for sure.
Good luck.

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Ill 'try'
I member

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Any candidates come to mind?
I hope you blep in hell.

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All of those.

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No no, "Sop"!

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Whimsicott has some pretty good support skills. It can go well with any sweeper pokemon.
The hard part is getting the buffs up.

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I have arrived

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Why though

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the cute has arrived

Yui cosplaying Haruhi... i think.
it's cute
have a great day
cute picture
hello, cute picture

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Nooo, try again, Sop! Not soup, Sop!

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I have to run 5 miles tomorrow, dweeb. Wish me luck.
Any other good support pokemon?
Because you live in a god-forsaken place.
I agree. I wasn't judging.

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is she okay?

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