Loli thread, the ride never ends!

Loli thread, the ride never ends!

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His dentist is a necromancer demi-god...

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I feel like the guy already served his time with all those shitty subs he had to eat. People who eat subway are basically prisoners who aren’t in prison.

Finger in the pooper, call the state trooper...

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what is she saying



Thanks for the (you) and image

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well, if this thread has been saged, I guess its time for some more loli threads!

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sex the loli!

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Let the loli live forever

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We gonna need to move to another thread soon

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shall we create a new one, fren?

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I suppose mods have finally decided to ban loli of Sup Forums. I think this is about the only thing that can kill loli threads so that's puts me in a bit of a melancholy mood. Hopefully it is just some rogue faggot mod that will stop in a few days, but in case it isn't have my farewell, I enjoyed these while they lasted.

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