Really cute traps

Really cute traps

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Well shit user... This post just converted me. Where can I get one of these at?

your local hot topic, or ebay if you look hard enough

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Well, this one lives in Thanet, Kent, UK

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Just image search the picture, dammit

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wow cute; who's that


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nope; katya pero

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No agitha lira?

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Ooooh, so cute. Any nudes?

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sadly none that I know of

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Daaaaayum, you sure that is a trap? So hot

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Yep, fuckin great isn't she. Sue Lightning

All I want is a cute trap gf.

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Get some hormones into ya

7/10 I guess, you need to work in them fem angles tho, example: look at the pic above

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No idea who these are but I love the lips of the one on the right

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Willow Hart

I would make sweet love to Sue Lightning. I bet her bucci is so tight

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I'm not into trannies, but i would not feel as bad fucking some of these accidentally.

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Traps are superior to trans, user. Pretty much the same thing but cuter and only half as many mental illnesses.

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She's cute but fucking mental and a massive cutter lad

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>massive cutter
I did notice, pretty depressing

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cute, but someones has do to get her on hormones quick

You can't convince me that's a dude unless i see the dick

sadly no nudes and she seems to have completely disappeared from social media; peak trap imo

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kek I was going to post that filename

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has she stopped posting though

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woa I never saw that one

it's new from her Twitter

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Do traps like big hugs from muscly huge men?

I just want to hug and cuddle with one, that's all

I would like that

Well fuck. I didn't even know I was gay till just now.

I'm guessing you're a trap?

I've wanted to cuddle with a qt trap gf for so long. Sex is nice but cuddling her, wrapping my arms around her while stroking her hair softly sounds truly amazing. Pressing my lips against her soft neck and just feeling her frail body, all around.

I'm touch starved, lol

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Why can't you do that with a 5ft tall qt gf (female)
Don't get me wrong I'd shag Kalindra in a heart beat but men don't have that same soft skin that women do user, to rest on the breast of a woman that loves you is something else far better than sex.

I wish that I could, I have a below average face but I'm pretty swoll, trying to make up for it.

I would love it if a cis woman actually loved me but I'm almost 26 and have never had a woman show interest in me... I've gotten attention from traps on discord before though

They often comment on my muscles but... never my face. :( RIP

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unless something is serious disproportional, skincare and a good haircut can make a big difference

Yes. My girl right here

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checked and cute

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Oh yeah, show us your little clitty

appreciate it

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Anyone know her?

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