Ask a white introvert anything

Ask a white introvert anything.

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is that a tranny?

No. I'm not a faggot.

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you got a twitter?

are you going to post another photo for every question we ask?

How long ago were you diagnosed with ASD?

You're a world leader, and a group of scientists come to you and say: "We've got a revolutionary invention thats going the change the way that man kind forever does things for the better! Theres only one downside, its gonna cost 50,000 innocent lives a year." What do you do.

I destroy the middle east.

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Do you even lift, bro?

I haven't been diagnosed yet.

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I lift every day.

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Do you have a little cock?

Who's the chick?

6.3 but as I'm getting older it's starting to get lazy.

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Holy HOT

pc or console?

When does it start to malfunction age-wise?

PC, unless it is PS1 or N64, nostalgia makes me respect those consoles more than PC.

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I want to fuck her

Doineau. Dwah-noh wasnt able to formally diagnose me on paper, but 2nd year of CCA. Said i was likely on the spectrum. I was... Glad? Yea glad. Im not weird. Its not cognitive distortion so much as im literally wired differently. I can study and compensate. Get better.

same brother.

I'm 29, it just started. I never really had a problem until now. It kind of sucks.

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Please post your cock im kinda sad it's not smaller I love that it's not working properly any more though

Show her asshole

show us your asshole

Sorry fag, I'm not posting a pic of my cock.

Legit question, mate
Fuck u niggers
Nathans a simp

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Shit, sorry man. Real_Owl.

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That was random :D
The chick's a true eye candy. I'm feeling kinda cobflicted about the tweets themselves tbh - kinda amusing but apparently she's missing a few screws... great find either way, thanks!

Did you ever pay for sex?

I think she's funny.

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I'll let her know brother

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I paid for a blowjob once.

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Fuck off with this coomer shit, go to >>/s/

How did you feel about it and yourself afterwards?

I felt alright I guess. It just showed me how much sex was controlling my life at that point. It was a learning experience.

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Nice talking to you but gotta go, have a good one.

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You too. Take care.

Que tan importante es el sexo para ti?

Not very important anymore, I like personality more now.

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Sup is an ENGLISH anonymous message board.

Supongo que en una relación a largo plazo eso es mejor. . . Y cuéntame, ¿Que te trae por Sup Forums?

ok, now my answers will be in English

Rings on your fingers tell us boyfriend/girlfriend/married. you merely adopted the introvert, i was born into molded by it, i never saw social interaction until i was a manlet.

bro the russian and chinnse have been using this site for years and type english/kek speak. fucking use our official languages or get off our boards mexican chad.

No, aquí seguiré :). Por qué razón me iría? Solo por qué tú lo quieres? ¡Ja! no.

Okay fucking stop

How toxic is this community?

If two astronauts were on the moon and one killed the other with, like, a moon rock or something, would that be fucked up or what?

What do you mean exactly?


I follow her on reddit. She's funny and hot.

Holy fuck she is the reason why I wanna chwat

Shut the fuck up faggot and go suck your dad's dick so i can't hear you bitching.

Are you only interested in your physical appearance? JAJ that disappointing

I'm on the other side of the world, why would it intimidate me?

Unfortunately I’m a shallow feg and would cheat for that hottness maybe one day i’ll be more mature