Kik thread

Kik thread.

Share your deets and what you want/looking for.

Bluefridge12 send me ur exs/current gfs snap and suspected pass and I'll try login for you

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Posting my wife for you

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Kik is itspidah
Send nudes

johnremmy34 looking for traps mainly but also will tell you what i would do to your gf's/wives

fapman48t5 mic chat n jerk

latina into BWC

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kik: june9494
my asian gf wants to be a maid that serves her master with all she has, but sees me only as her college since im not master material she says

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kik: notam8

basically want to chat rough sex and feet

Good ol traps

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Cucks who'd like to see their girl take this, Kik is amon_hen

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Looking for females into rape play
Kik srv182

i need to breed this bitch

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Cocking is my hobby

Send her dick pics, video, cum, etc.


jendici will trade teens etc...

Don't waste my time

Share your wife/gf/ex with me, help me cum

Someone was giving out their daughter's snap and this happed

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34/M/OK, USA
straight, going through a divorce, looking for women to chat, flirt with. Sexual component not required but def appreciated
kik - an0n9876

kik: notam8

want to talk feet

Hit me up with any hot stories or pics you want to share I’ll also do wwyd if you have pics for me

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jesus more

Im trying rn. She seems impressed by the size but she's tough. You trying too?

kik is oliv.hud

Want to share my friends and their feet, and would like to hear what kinds of tickle torture you'd inflict on them

my dicks tiny



share what u get blessedanon