Daily reminder that there is going to be a 2nd civil war in the US because of the liberals and the Democrats

Daily reminder that there is going to be a 2nd civil war in the US because of the liberals and the Democrats

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Why are we having a civil war over the Verizon coverage map?

Daily reminder that blue states subsidize red ones.

and the other way around with food and people

bruh what this Verizon vs AT&T map

daily remind that shitting on the street is required in san franshitsco

Its going to be between Coomers and racists.

Everywhere worth living on that map is blue.

Bullshit. I've lived in a couple blue zones, every one of them sucked. Red zones aren't perfect, but at least the government doesn't rape my paycheck and annoy me at home.

>implying the only food in America comes from America

Oh yeah? What do you want to do that the government says you can't?

So the red states subsidize the blue ones by providing the mouths that the blue states pay to feed? Rather, we pay red states to feed their own poor with the food you grow in your own fucking backyard, because you won't do it unless you pay you.

>only blue states pay taxes

Even in Texas, the biggest Republican state.

Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso. Blue. All of em.

I have a lot of issues with the Democratic Party, but they’re the only logical and viable option.


We need it, let's do this. I have a surplus of things I need to put into liberals. Little democrat bitches afraid of their own shadows will be fun to slaughter.

Dallas, Lubbock, Wichita are red and they're nice

You know what would prevent a civil war? If Seattle, SF, LA, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, NY, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia broke off from the rest of the country.

Other than that, yeah there will be a really bad civil war. We already are in a low conflict one right now. The democrats have shown they will not stop escalating things. Look at what they did with Trump, then Kavanaugh and then the MAGA hat kids? When Trump wins again in 2020 they can't escalate things anymore without getting violent.

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You would starve without it.
If there ever is a second civil war everyone living in the cities is going to starve.

Why, because food producers care so much about politics that they'd rather watch their crops rot in the fields than sell to distributors who move their product into majority democrat cities? Get your head out of your ass. That's a fucking fantasy and you know it.


People have been through shit before and good always won over evil. Like in WW2, the worst time in human history. We bombed the Germans into complete surrender and we nuked Japan twice, that shut everyone up for a while. Maybe that’s what needs to happen here. There are entire cities in the US that are abject shitholes 100% controlled by the insane left, maybe it’s better to just drop a few nukes and start over again. I’m not saying that to be sadistic or cruel, but just being pragmatic.

We can’t live in a world run by the left any longer. The insanity has gotten out of control

Dallas goes blue in almost every Federal election and has had on republican mayor since 1995.

It’s not a super far left leaning city, but it will be reliably blue until the Republican Party stops being led by reality TV stars and Hockey moms.

I say this as a fiscally conservative capitalist: the Republican Party is a mouth breathing dumpster fire

No. Get off the internet. People in real life don't care about politics as much as the internet would have you believe.

Land doesn’t vote. There are more people in the blue areas than the white. There are more people in certain coastal suburbs than entire flyover stares.

>because food producers care so much about politics
Assuming that a civil war actually did happen, yes. Farmers would very likely stop selling to states they are literally at war with.
>let their crops rot
Amazing how you literally just acknowledged that food is imported from other countries but made an argument that relies on the idea that food cannot be exported to other countries

>thinking that the governments of red states would allow food to be exported to blue states

Own an ar15

>no corn
we still can have 90% of a barbeque

Well the rest of the world is pretty blue and despises our red population so we’ll keep trading iPhones for food if we have to. Also blue has almost all the coasts.

A war requires two sides, you only named one side. I know education must be very limited for you, but please try to understand. If there's a civil war it'll be because of liberals AND conservatives.


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I represent the T-Mobile faction

I really wish it would happen. If it does it'll help us solve the overpopulation and homelessness problems and if we all die? Fuck it at least we won't be arguing about stupid bullshit anymore

Literally all that shits made in China. Good luck trading your freedom away even more

Every part of New Mexico is shit

I mean sure....given that most of the military, local, state and federal law enforcement, their friends and families are decidedly Conservative and own most of the guns...sure.

Civil War? It'll be over in minutes.

It takes 2 to fucking tango you mongoloid, if retarded convervatives dont shove it in the face of retarded liberals, there would be less issues.

And no, I don't think there will be a civil war, I'm not seeing signs of anything worse than the shit show that was last election so things should be stable.

We need to return to the center, not keep pushing to the extremes


Or take a step back. Breathe. Reflect on what Russia really wants. They want a division in the US to be so strong that we break up into multiple countries. That is what they want; apart from injecting Authoritarian-style governments into democracies.

Your blind hatred of "the left" is exactly what they want. You are blindly eating this shit up.

>implying you have to shove anything in the face of a libtard to get them to sperg

Define "Civil war"

Daily reminder that civil wars don't happen with good economies.
I realize red States have banned education, only listen to their god-king Trump, and the Bible is the only legal book, but get real Trumpanzee. People don't take up arms and get off their asses when their asses are fat from not starving.
Go get a Nazi tattoo and beat your girlfriend, that should fill your sadism.

>believing more land = more people

land ownership shouldnt pick the president

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It works both ways.

If I use right wing dog whistles then you guys go nuts.

Male privilege, people of color, gender fluid, non binary, free tuition, welfare, open borders, whatever else...

Theres always a left wing and a right wing, never forget that

if we had another civil war china would swoop in like a vulture

Because you're gonna like the way you look (TM)

Are they designated like india or go anywhere?

They do to protect those good economies from Godless deluded globalists who want to destroy the Judeo-Christian culture that brought the good economics from the nonsense of the Democrats.

>n-no you

Holy shit this is the most smooth brained piece of text I've ever read. Yes, lets nuke some of the largest financial centers in the world because of systemic and protracted discrimination that has persisted for decades that have left minority groups at a disadvantage causing them to become susceptible and vulnerable to "crime"
let's continue to bootlick our failure of a criminal justice system and incarcerate and punish instead of rehabilitate. Yes trumpet, lets continue to give billionaires tax breaks and continue the war on drugs while we ignore blatant pragmatic solutions other 1st world countries have already taken for the sake of protecting big business and the wealthiest Americans

If it were so sad and worrying it would be funny

are you retarded?
dems dominate the cities
reps dominate the land

cities provide: education, financial / legal services, high tech industry. that's basically it.
land provides: everything else.

what does a city do without: traffic access, raw resources, food, water, power, manufactured goods, to just name a few...

if there will be a civil war, it takes less than a month before the cities fall, regardless how well they are guarded, and with it the corporate talking heads behind leftist activists.

the left can't do shit if the right refuses to work. they wouldn't even need to resort to violence to completely wipe the left off the map, since these welfare queens' and suits lives depend on the very people they hate / disrespect.

I think its a natural part of Democracy.

The country gets too comfortable and soft. They lose a common enemy, so they start to "fix" problems that don't need fixing.

The left wing is part and parcel with progression, but they think progressing in the direction of acceptance to everything is a good idea, which is why a several hundred year old democracy will dilute itself and collapse into civil war, or get taken over by another culture.

I think its just history repeating itself.

We need a world war to bring both sides together again against a common enemy. We need real problems again.

Go eat dirt

What did I say for you to tell me that?

Civil War?


All economies, local, state, federal ...WORLD are completely linked. People want to go to work, take care of their families, look at porn, post on Sup Forums, play video games, get high, buy luxury goods, etc...never happen.

it's funny, it's like the more wealthy you are, have access to education and jobs, the more you vote blue...

I wonder why smarter people vote blue?

Daily reminder you're fat
you can't lose weight
you don't have a job
and you live in your mom's basement

Yeah, the extreme beliefs of the group that's displaced the real liberals/old DNC will essentially force a conflict. Postmodernism in general needs to just fuck off, intersectional theory if anything was designed to create this conflict but with the idea it could be won quietly through largely institutional corruption. They hate Trump so much because he's ruined a scheme that's probably been running since a few years after the cold war ended just by calling it out. Basically outspending communism didn't destroy communism, domination is not decimation and only decimation can wound an ideology. All the communists just decided they'd plot to try again ASAP with America as the target for conversion since they their take-away from the cold war was that communism is impossible while America still commands the western world. Maybe even western banking would have to be stopped somehow and the easy way to do that would be not by attacking it, but by empowering it to initiate a tragedy of the commons through overconsumption - pull back the rules where it matters and let it eat itself to death. In other words exactly what happened in the subprime mortgage crisis that initiated the 2008-2012 recession.

Also to anyone who thinks Trump is a joke and one president couldn't turn anything around for us I have image related. Trump's greatest skill is financial trickery, it should supreise no one he's taken China's tactic of currency manipulation but, being the president of the US, is able to wield it with 100x as much strength. From this China is already headed into a recession and it's population growth has gone into the red - sub-replacement birthrate and people who can leave are leaving. They're not half as tough as they try to make themselves look. Serves them right for not taking human rights seriously, I don't think ANYONE besides the Chinese wants China to be the top dog because they'd have to be stupid to want it.

Trump = Winning

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and the racist conservatives are going to lose to the liberals once again

>We need real problems again.
Humanity will always have real problems to deal with you utterly stupid neanderthal. Whats happening in the US is a low intensity race war through demographic replacement. After 2020 the democrats will win every single election due to there being less white people in america every year compared to all the new immigrants. Once the democrats turn america into a one party state they will then proceed to fuck over republicans as hard as they can to the point that republicans chimp out and break out the guns. Marxism has taken over america from the inside and is about to unleash itself to its fullest extent.

America also has the economic problems where people that work their asses off get jack shit while people on welfare or social security get way more fucking money. Once the worldwide economy that's built on debt collapses is when america will shit blood and die.

If you have no idea what im talking about then you'e had to have been living under a rock for at least half a decade.

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It would take about 500 people to almost completely stop food imports into a city the size of Dallas. Not that it matters because americans are so fat it would take a year of starvation just to get them to a healthy weight.
More critically, however, most american cities have the bulk of their power generation outside the city. The power lines into the city are easily cut, and without power there is no potable water save for swimming pools, and even that will go undrinkably stagnant in a few weeks without power for filtration. So the cities will die from dysentery long before they die of starvation.

Everyone would starve, the cities less though. Look at the blue states, they majorly control ports of entry. They also produce more financially. They'll be able to import food, not enough to sustain what we do now, but still import. Crop prices will skyrocket with severe cuts to subsidies and access to export money.

> largest financial centers in the world
> implying wiping / reseting all debt is a bad thing

>systemic and protracted discrimination
... is a lie being repeated over and over, despite being debunked over and over.
Leftists do love their mantras.

> left minority groups at a disadvantage
explain 2nd generation immigrants with east-asian background, and them overachieving all across the board, and how that connects to "systematic racism and discrimination" please.

>failure of a criminal justice system
not gonna lie, it is truly shit.

>lets continue to give billionaires tax breaks
so they can invest more into their businesses to expand and on their wake of success create new jobs, which feed more households, which can consume more and therefore create a booming market. Totally not the right course to reduce poverty and therefore give more people with minority background a chance to turn their backs towards crime and earn themselves a decent living, instead...

>continue the war on drugs
against weed? yes, that's stupid.
against everything else? we need bigger guns, true.

>the sake of protecting big business and the wealthiest Americans
which are the backbone of EVERY economy, hence keep them happy and and spending mood means more tax revenue all across the board, more wellfare, and therefore less struggle for those who can't work.

Wanna know the fastest way into shitholistan?
increase taxes for the rich.
Cause they just sack their money and their businesses, close their doors around here and open shop where the pastures are greener. and since most nations are not too dumb to recognize them as the blessing they are, there will ALWAYS be green er pastures, regardless what communist u(dys)topia you try to establish here...

Explain the graphic, it doesn't make sense to me.

Well, what you two need to learn is where your food comes from. Your power, your water, your internet, trash removal, etc are not set up for those places to run as a city-state. You'd be in the dark within a day or two, your water systems would be sabotaged, the city would be blockaded by right-wing militias until your blacks start looting and your incels start setting fires. After a month or two of no hope and mountains of bodies even the most resilient of your social service people would just quit, so no police to stop rape gangs, no firemen to stop arsonists. Within 6 months it would be a hellscape that makes cities from Fallout look tame.

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You should probably take a look at who controls major ports, navy access and airfields.
Sure texas has the largest tank fleet, but that wouldnt do a lot of good without access to proper anti air.

This. Rural areas in Texas are shitty. Rural places overall are shit except for a few places in New England and the Northwest

I would imagine the ports and major transportation infrastructure would be targeted almost right away. Small teams of motivated sappers could basically take them down, not to mention the electric grid would be what makes all the ports function. Even if a boat did pull up it would have to be unloaded by hand and you would only be able to access the outer layer of sea cans. Then those boats would be sitting ducks and if one was disabled that would really bung up the ports

>You should probably take a look at who controls major ports, navy access and airfields.
who predominantly come from a conservatist background.
tell me, what do you do if a snobby officer orders you to shoot your neighbors, your family even?
you might wanna ask yourself those questions of yours again...

Barely anyone lives in that red blob in the middle. Thinking land=people is retarded. More people live in my county than Wyoming, the Dakotas, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, etc

>They'll be able to import food
No they won't. They'll be dead or dying before any food gets in, and without power they won't even be able to unload the ships. You cant just run a gangplank to the dock and get your longshoremen to tote it off anymore, not for decades. It takes cranes, which take electrical power. Assuming the ships can even get in to the harbor - all it takes is a couple of liberated army howitzers to sink a ship or two in the ship channels and even that route is completely shut off.

Trump is using globalist banking inroads to other nations without actually applying globalist policies or goals. It was supposed to be a way for globalists to give our money away, he's turned it into a way to export inflation. Basically someone like him was never meant to get control of the system, said inroads and even the weaponization of the executive branch we're meant to be magic wands in the hands of Hillary that would make her look like a globalist god who's healing the whole earth on TV. Instead said magic wands are in possession of Yth'nizzilik the Maleficent, Lord of Change.

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>Everyone would starve, the cities less though.
Henry the hick with his own farm will eat just fine while everybody in the cities are going to cannibalize each other after all the stores have been looted. The US produces a metric fuck ton of food but if the cities were cut off from the inside there simply wouldnt be enough to sustain the cities. The cities would have to import every bit of food from some other country to sustain them and that opens up a can of worms so big the whole room would be full. You'd have to have enermous faith in cityfags to not loot and burn shit right away and for the food exporters to try and not rob the cities blind with prices. That's not even taking into account how russia and china would absolutrly refuse to send food to american cities after all the shit we've been giving them. If any country relies on food imports they wont export to the US and if they do export food it probably wouldnt be enough to feed US cities.

If the cityfags manage to flood out of the cities to loot the surrounding suburbs they'll have to start dodging bullets and even if they dodge all of them there simply wont be anything for them to take. Good luck trying to farm after you killed the people that knew how to farm. Stalin killing off the russian farmers rings a bell

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>because of the liberals
>implying it's not the conservacucks who have spent the last 40 years waging a culture war AND an economic war on everybody else

Yeah I remember you right wing retards saying the same thing after Ruby Ridge and Waco happened. lets get real, 90% of you guys saying this would shit your pants the moment you saw a SWAT team at your doorstep.

spoiler alert: the red parts of the map are the most useless ones

That’s the whole idea. America is effectively reached a point of self sufficiency and will be a net producer of oil here shortly. Now their most effective strategy would be to cause as much chaos around the world. Peter zehian has an excellent presentation about all of this. It’s the plan now

daily reminder dust doesn't vote

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Land cant vote. It also cant fight.

Projecting much?

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those red counties have an average of 7 people living in them

So they're going to export food to other countries through ports that are almost exclusively controlled by democratic-majority cities? Have you thought about this at all?

Sure bud

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Land doesn’t count and even a lot of Midwestern farmers are pissed at Trump if you look at approval ratings

Real quick , who is gonna win the elections in 2020 ?

You talk about this like there wont be counter measures. Who's funding these "sappers". Transporting them? Funding their military?

and its going to be no contest really...
dusty old boomers and edgelords vs... the other 2/3 of the US

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do dems even have a candidate yet?

That is, of course, assuming you can get 500 trumptards to risk their lives to besiege an entire city. Those fuckers can barely organize a simple protest march without descending into infighting and chaos.

I don't spend money in the red parts of that map anymore
Feels pretty good


Just because the senators are democrats doesn’t mean their law enforcement officers are by any means. There’s also the problem with hostile actors staying in their positions doing everything to hamstring the democrats are trying to accomplish and feeding intel to the opposition. This is just scratching the surface

Thinking that food from the middle of nowhere is inexpendable. You know other countries produce food right m8.

We invaded Iraq under false circumstances, half of America lives paycheck to paycheck. Deregulation caused the financial sector to collapse and you morons still sat on your ass and did nothing. I wonder how many gun owners actually are politically active outside of a voting booth every 4 years.

Daily reminder that in most of those red counties, people are outnumbered by cows 5:1.

Who's funding these soldiers? Wheres their equipment coming from? Didnt think so. Funding alone goes through central Ohio.

Not to mention unlicensed open carry is legal, and many people in the country don't choose to carry, though most will be believers in the Second Amendment. The comment in the image is based more on verifiable fact, however, but I think the actual number is higher.

they're on facebook every goddamn day, sharing the newest Trumptard "memes"