Loli thread!

Loli thread!

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erhm hello this is my first post to Sup Forums I hope I'm doing this right, any suggestions for food l0li websites..?

thanks for the bump!

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dunno what a food loli is

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Ay so is it just loli getting banned or is it porn in general

Coomers I want you to understand why we hate you.
We don't hate you because what you post is "NSFW". Remember where the fuck you are, we are each about 1 click away from watching women with 12 inch cocks fucking each other. And at one point this site even had guro and loli boards. Oh my god you posted a pussy! This totally shocks my unenlightened puritan mind.
No, we hate you because you are the new furfags. You see, the problem with furfags, wasnt that they jerked off to furry shit, it was that they were so fucking obnoxious about it. Everything had to be made furry. Every forum avatar had to be a fursona. They had to constantly broadcast the fact that they were furfags to everyone, and when this was met with derision, they doubled down on their effort. They labeled the rational reaction to their faggotry "fursecution" and actively set out to be the biggest faggots they could possibly be to combat it.
Coomers are exactly the same. I have yet to see a single board on this site that doesnt regularly have off topic derails about ass or tits. Always with animebikini.jpg and ranting about how hot she is. It doesnt matter how off topic it is, coomers cant help but broadcast the fact that they are coomers.
What does the chest size of some instagram thot have to do with this thread? I mean, really what does it add to the conversation about the randomness? Jack shit. All it does is send out a big loud signal to everyone in the thread that LOOK AT ME! I AM SO HORNY! YOU SHOULD POST PORN!
TLDR Coomers are just the same as furfags only their "fursecution" is called "SFW".
Prove. Me. Wrong.

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We will have to wait and see.

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Who is this character? I have a picture of her and idk lol

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laffey (azur lane)

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accidental nudity on a loli is a godsend

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Heyy! he was behind of this...?

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Mods were bored and cockteased the yellowposters, neither is banned.

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Thanks. Forgot the pic lol

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I can't tell, is that supposed to be Nanako?

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need some discords gusy

need some discords guys

oops i samefagged and im doing it again

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I'm pretty sure

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Name a more based show. I'll wait.

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Based Jared. They got him because nigga balled too hard. The legend.

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The lad. The king.

Getting drunk on stout and posting loli. Good times.

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Enjoy your night user! Also, cute loli

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That's a ton of hearts, she is really enjoying herself.

Lolis love being loved hard


I'll roll

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Take her to a theater, with a vacant showing, and give her sweet dickings while the few people there watch the movie.

Here, have a more seasonal appropriate one

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Roll here as well then


Stop being rollfags and post pics

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Roll here

Roll then

>tfw i remember when i could fool my cousins to sit on my lap and jump lol

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this is good

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don'twickr getloli88
pervert that likes puffy loli vulva

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el rollo

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Why the fuck do people put loli right in their handle

Like we get it dude calm down

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Where did this artist go?