Post friends or coworkers that you desperately want to FUCK

Post friends or coworkers that you desperately want to FUCK.

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Left and Right

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this has on Sup Forums for a while, but i would fuck her in a heartbeat

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I can't stop fapping to her. Obsessed.

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Left is a cutie, more?

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I like right

This girl

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My managers wife

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Would bang

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coworker Lori

I want to fill her 3 holes with my cum

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She a freak for sure

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Fuck yeah. Me too!

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Oh man you think so? I hope so...

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good ol' Jill


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I desperately want to fuck my friend

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What makes you think so? What does she like?

Not bad

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More of this milf please!

This is why

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Me too

Nice titsa

nice gut

Bangin tits, dump all you got

Fuck yeah. More

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Ohhh I bet she’s fun


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I like!

Tight all around

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Friend or coworker?

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I'll bet she a freak in bed

Me too.

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Don't know her, just want to fuck her



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Got kik or discord?

Stupid tat ho


What's your kik?

Jesus. Gorgeous

wow great ass

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Sounds like fun!

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Think she would like it?


Yeah no argument there lol

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holy fuck what a body

I know

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Nice body tho

Damn I get it

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Oh yeah, she looks like the type to get right to business


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