I bet nobody here lives in los angeles

I bet nobody here lives in los angeles

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Los Angeles sucks. I hate driving through it.

I do, what of it chump

Prove it

is it really as cool as L.A. niggas hype it up to be

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Yeah I'm gonna need more pics

OP here.

Its called the snake pit for a reason. Luckily i had a dope ass homy to set me up.

Downey biiiiiitch

Nope, but I visited from canada in 2015.
Could you post another pic of girl in OP, OP?

I do! Anyone know Lilly from LA?

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Dope ass homy you say

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Depends who you are. It's an aweful place but if you like craziness, you can make it work but you definitely need some social outlet or shit will drive you mad. It does go low on the crap spectrum but also goes high on the amazing spectrum

China hills in this bitch

Thats a roof. I highly doubt you stay there but thats cool. What you do for them greenbacks?

South Gate

South Central lol

Anybody ever seen Slam Piggy Sanchez in LA?

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OP here. Downtown by olvera.

Id share pic but wont for same reason this other nig nog deleted his. Was taken from my cell and fuck you scary kids that like to trace ppl haha

Hard to make it for a bit but broke into advertising. Pays pretty well

90014 DTLA

Ill be fuckin lookin for that face now lmao

Im on the look out for any source of income i can procure. Any suggestions?

Im not the sexy bitch i posted just so you know lmao

What you do for dem dollas?

Moving to Burbank for work reasons next 6 months, how safe is brubank?

Got anymore of this fucktoy op?

im unemployed and homeless, living in skidrow!

Basically nothing happens there

Would have posted her. I rarely save from b but that sweet thing had to cum with me.

We're pretty much neighbors. I'm near the broad.

Where in LA is the best place to buy an asian hooker if I don't already have an in?

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That is one adorable little butthole

I pray I’ll bump into Slam Piggy in the club some day

She's hot. Would love to see moar of her.

Fucking bullshit my nigga you wouldnt have a phone. I was in the streets my first week out here and my tent got overrun by heroin junkies. Those motherfuckers will SNATCH change out yo hand.

Nice try tho

Well there's a lot of PA/Labor gigs for all the events that's in LA usually pay pretty well as long as you can lift things and use a screwdriver. Run about 250 to 350 for a days work

Moar boar wants moar? Try tineye.

Kik rogerklautz to see pics and vids of a cheating married MILF I work with

I'm tryna move there. I live in Chicago now. LA is the most exciting place I've ever been.

pussyboy town with wannabe gangs who can't figure out how to unjam a gun. it's safer than the city I live in, Pomona, but I prefer pomona because of the people who you just happen to meet, the abundance of medis and how easy it is to get any random chick to fuck with a little cash.

Fuck tell me how. Im all about it!

I never understood homelessness. If I had no home I'd move to the forest and become a hunter/mountain man.

you eat something out int he woods youd shit water hahahaha

Tried google images, yandex, tineye, and archived.moe all nothing. Must be someone's original content.

Facts. I had the craziest fuckin thing happen. I wear converses with red laces (im white) and this jacked up nigga walked up on me barefoot af and wanted my laces sayin blood game somethin or another. Told em i couldnt do that but i wish em blessins. Told em have a good day and turned my back to em. He says god bless as i walked off. They aint bout that life but i feel like i made a impact on the dude.

Damn. Someone said it might be a well known loli all grown up. Forgot the name tho


It's not consistent but helps in a pinch. Search pages on Facebook and Craigslist. That'll get your foot in the door. Then if you're cool those companies will just keep throwing them your way if you're reliable. But you need a car a lot of the time. These things can go from Malibu to Pomona

Bruh i aint the one with ashy ass cracker dry skin lol that word belong to you.

If i used kik id take you up on that

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Moar boar has arisen!

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Used to live in LA and fuck this toy

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Any suga mommas? Ill put it down!

Thats actually perfect believe it or not because i do work for the homy too so i cherish my ability to make my own schedule.