New celeb thread

New celeb thread

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Baby, its cold outside

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You almost sound as if you've got some ideas. Let me know if you do. I think the cold is pretty widespread. It's almost as if it's winter, or something.

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what an absolute cutie

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gracias guapito (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

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Warm down in Mexico city, Melissa wont need 3 layers there

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"no mo' cum cum" they pleaded

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What a big rack

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She's hot enough that she doesn't need layers even when it's below freezing
Hindensperg! Did your mom give you one of her stockings to hang by then rusty wood stove you call a fireplace? If she already wore it, check it for crabs before you put it up

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what an astute observation

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Jesus what is this from!?!

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feets plz

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oh lady midnight, I fear that you grow old

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The Layover

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type both of their names into Google and boom you find it :o

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I'm going to have to watch this for the plot. Only the plot.

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Tbh I didn't recognise Upton because I'm a dumbshit

obviously. it's a plot heavy movie

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Oh man, that Pixie titty crack REALLY hit the spot. I'm shocked how much I came. I need a beer and some Chick-fil-A now. Thanks user!

>plot heavy

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lizzie is too damn adorable

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Go to bed pix.

God damn

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damnit dude, spoilers are *not* cool
not cool at all

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Well, you know. I try.

The night's still fairly young, what do you mean?

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don't remind me

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How much cock do you think Melissa gets every fucking day

go to settings on your phone, make it so your phone will accept apps from unknown sources, open the browser, type "Clover APK", get it from github, install it, open it, click the 3 circles at the top right, click catalog mode, go to settings, click appearance, change theme to Black or Insomnia or Gruvbox. I just changed ya life

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Yes, I want you to hold me in your warm embrace ;_;

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adorably baby indeed! I hope she doesn't mind me gooning to her!

Ana is legit the sexiest woman alive. No doubt.

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Yeah nice

buenas noches tontos

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Contrary to expectation, I'm really rather cold, you know. I'll just set fire to something, that'll do a much better job of raising the temperature.

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Should we tell him?

Probably not as much as she wants, and that's a crime

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got sucked off by her in the 90s. meant nothing until later when she was famous. wish it had. good head, tho.

Peace out weirdo.

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i agree with you

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Odds on her being the biggest slut of SNL? Also I totally bet she goes clubbing for cock

My temperature was simply an excuse to be honest, I'm more interested in the embrace itself.

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No girl has ever made my cock as hard as her.

Mr Cool Nice

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Prove it

lucky for you rumor is her husband is a bit of a cuck

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Should put heiress to Mexican Tequila fortune in tinder profile, guys like a woman with money she didn't have to earn

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buenas noches te amo

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Based reference.

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The sexiest bellybutton in Hollywood

jordyn jones

Good fucking lord my dick
Haha holy shit no way

We'll see. Technically speaking, my cuddles are exclusively promised elsewhere. I'm known to get greedy, tho.

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