Ask a gay guy anything. Insults welcome

Ask a gay guy anything. Insults welcome
Make me cry

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whats your opinion on trans people?

I think they're legitimate and respect them. I've dated trans people before and they seem to me to be like anyone else

is bi just gay-lite?

why are most of you faggots so obnoxious?

Who molested you as a child?

you dress as a woman?

Thoughts on the jews?

Your thoughts on pic related?

How many stds have you gotten so far?

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nah, I just want to say that trannies are so repulsive that my hate for the L, G, and B have lessened

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no OP, but bi for me is transition from straight to gay in terms of self acceptance. so yes, bi is gay-lite.

Have you ever set out to convert a straight male to a gay one? Did you succeed?

i've seduced straight men, but i've never converted them.

Why don't wedding rings work on gay guys?

Why don't you carry the desire to spread your genes and reproduce? Were you molested as a child?

can I suck your cock? I haven’t bottomed yet and am scared to, but I really want to feel cum leaking out of my ass. Until I work up the nerve I just want facials

If you don't like girls, then you are a misogynist.

I know what a lesbian is, and a gay and bi and a trans, but wtf is a queer

Have a nice day

why do I hate myself so much?

How did you know you were gay?

Would you wear your boyfriends clothes if you had a similar build? Are you repulsed by female genitalia? Did you like Glee?

Have you ever ejaculated inside of a vagina without a condom? I'm legitimately interested and you can't really ask gay men that irl.

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Be brave, ask people whatever you want irl.

Let’s say you go on a date and the guy is totally flaming - like the double entendres and fitting all gay stereotypes. Is that a turn on or turn off for you? Do you ever find yourself repulsed by some of the overly promiscuous behavior? What about deliberately making straights uncomfortable?

why are you gae?

Hello young man. I hope your Tuesday is going as good as mine is.