How to turn from gay to straight...

how to turn from gay to straight? I'm 18 and have never dated because of shame and repression and hate being a faggot degenerate. I just wanna be an acceptable person.

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Reincarnation. After you got molested as a child, it guaranteed that you would turn out gay. You got to reinstall life to change now, your files are too corrupted to just repair.

Just remember there are straight dudes that eventually turn gay out of perversion and after starting to like "traps", I don't know if people do that from gay to straight, but worth a try. Also, there are people who stop being gay when they see whay they have done to their body and have to poop in a bag and have aids

pray to Mike pence

Ever seen those normal looking dudes that get paired with orangutang looking bitches? I suspect they were once in your predicament

find a tomboy gf and bang that ass

Women love faggots, you’ll be fine.

Look man, the only people who worry about
are Sup Forums retards who get upset over the tiniest thing.
Unless you live in some third world shit hole where you might get thrown off a building or something because of it then I wouldn't worry. Just go figure out if you want to dick or get dicked.

If you're really serious about this then I guess you could start jacking to shemales and traps and see if that makes you start liking femme people? Or maybe look up the grossest, most disgusting, hairy ass bears fucking and see if you can shock yourself out of it - though the risk with that is you'll find you actually like that.

Stop watching porn, go outside and talk to girls. It's not hard.

Don't listen to this gay guy, just be a good person and not a faggot.

Get conversion therapy.

Maybe you can listen to this DICK and see if you become a good slut instead of a good person.

Ok, lead him to a life of destruction and chasing something unattainable, let him be a professional victim that is so fierce and stunning but for some reason feels incomplete and depressed no matter how much the media uses him for good PR

What? I'm pretty sure there's lots of gay people out there. I don't think 'getting dicked' or 'dicking a guy' is really 'unattainable.'

>look man the only people who worry about that are Sup Forumstards
lol you know how i can tell ur a white girl or "flamboyant" white guy in a major city

They are not ok with being a man and they are not trans either so they feel like something is missing (something is wrong with the brain, we still don't know why) so maybe instead of trying to celebrate it or execute people for it, we should look for a fix, but you know 100% that kind of thinking is not allowed, so they are stuck being gay and the next gen too, and the next one too, because "I was born this way, there is no need or benefit to it, but it should continue to happen forever, it is natural like rape"

I dunno user, trying to force yourself to be straight when you feel gay seems like the unattainable in my opinion, rather than just giving in to a natural feeling. It sounds more like OP has been repressing themselves for several years and is now unhappy about it.

Accept the gay dumbass

Are you ugly? If no I’ll be your gay bf

>That is a valid point, except he wants to change, there are lots of people like him, what would help them more?
Lying to ourselves (its ok to be gay/ Being gay it's the devil) OR adressing it and finding out a way to stop it from happening to boys and girls that deserve better.

it doesn't matter bro fuck everybody else do what you wanna do

Look, gay advocates love to say that being gay is not a choice, but then try to convince as many as possible to try having a gay experience. So they clearly do believe that it actually is a choice. Maybe it's just not an easy one? So choose to be straight.
Find a straight woman that you can trust and ease into it. Pussy is pretty fuckin great bro.

Yeah I find it incredibly hypocrite the way they treat their condition and justify it WHILE also acting like liking younger girls is disgusting, vile, clearly a choice and even thinking about it or with fictional characters should be punished by death

>Liberals always defend gay people so why aren't I allowed to be a pedo?!?!
I dunno about that user

If he genuinely wants to change then all the power to him, I just think he should be sure that it's something *he* wants and not something he's been memed into doing after spending too much time on Sup Forums as an underageb& and seeing the vast amounts of political shit flinging and false flagging.

Yeah nice try. Fuck off and kill yourself if you won't seek help and therapy to break you of your degeneracy. Faggots wanting to be faggots with other faggots is one thing, pedos trying to justify their mental illness is another.
You are broken in your brain and you need to take steps to cure yourself or render yourself harmless. Suicide should not be out of the question if you are unable to find another way.