Ylyl: keepitvague edition

Ylyl: keepitvague edition

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photo was taken with a camera from the time before horses

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you did it wrong retard

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did I though?

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>there's no porn of young teenage black males with big cocks fucking hot white women and girls
Lots of opportunity being missed.

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Read what you just said. Let all of that sink in. Process it for a bit

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An 18 year old black boyo is still young, i don't know what the issue here is.

What are your ambitions and goals in life user? What do you enjoy? What makes you angry?

Can you fuck off and die?

My ambition is to see every white woman impregnated by superior black seed, to see it accomplished is my goal, and what makes me angry is the lack of 18 year old BBCs fucking white women on the Internet.

Retarded troll



actually all white men should rise up, kill all other races and put our women in place where they should be.

incel detected

take a break my man

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Fuck off shill and or newfag.

just embrace it

This thread is dogshit

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incels vs cucks

FUCking fag, I did this first


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yo fuck you i wont repost this might as well get the worst week out the way then live my life with the worst week behind me check mate you fucking nigger faggot

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I’m gay

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I lost

I'm a huge faggot

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The only time in history that "1576031070615" is the punchline to a joke

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My 12 year old friend audi on Instagram needs clout, please follow her thank you

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God checked

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Jesus Christ


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Well I just lost to the dumbest fucking thing ever.
nice trips

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Goddamnit lost

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Why didn't they just say that he was her uncle?

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i cheated too ;)

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Took me a sec.


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OG Muslims are and have always been utterly right about women. Sadly, they're becoming increasingly cucked since they are ruled by faggot Imams and incapable of rational thought in every other way.

It's time to wield a strong hand with women, and we see trannys and faggots poisoning the well, increasing as fast as testosterone is decreasing from the kikish poisons disrupting endocrine function of the free men of the West.


Go to bed dad.

Change file name to reply or ur mom dies or some shit at least

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Not tonight bad luck

Lost to this dumb shit

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yes, he's right, you did do it wrong

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No, the new version just has some random file name instead of the classic ones. He is doing it right.

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Fuck u


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fuck you for posting

and fuck you for taking the bait

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Fuck u faggot

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I actually am a nigger so this works out

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ugly checked

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This was pretty good. Thank you.