REKT thread

REKT thread

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It must have taken a long ass time for this guy to come up with this plan and execute it, only for it to fail immediately. No wonder he killed himself shortly after.

He locked his knees?

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He lost his keys?

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Thank you mr skelington. Blessed be your calcium

He crossed the seas?

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Must be something to do with kids. Guy probably got caught trying to groom a kid.

Most likely a rapist

He squeezed and wheezed?

my nigga just generated his own nerve gas out of sheer willpower and autism.

Kaioken times oof

Any rape rekt?

He blocked his cheese?

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There's a fucking back story to this ?

He held his sneeze?

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He's fired.

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What he do?

>not naming this niggermatrix.webm

a drug dealer (forgot who) tried to escape jail dress as his daughter

It spun him around and swept him up.
I can't even

all those debit machines for nothin

yo thats cool as fuck son

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Trying to go over 9,000?

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Grandpa b/

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That old lady took the chance to grab a dick

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skaters these days are high pussies.

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this kind of video is literally the reason i stopped eating fast food

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nigger gets his leg blown out and the pack swoops in

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Pussy niggers.

Why would you eat it anyhow?

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Lost! Wait. What?

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He's having a chimpout.

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lol stupid fucking nigger

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>Why won't racist companies open stores in our community?

Black Friday.

is it just the same 2 people filling up these rekt threads? I s2g I've seen the exact 20 same clips posted here every day at this point

I miss r/watchpeopledie

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Would be a good time to have an MG42 and turn all those dirty apes into spaghetti sauce.

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Sub humans, this is what Hitler warned us about...

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He sure did.

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Hasidics are the most racist people in the fucking world. Koreans x10. Probably told him no swatza in the store.

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so... post some new content?

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i can only imagine what he did... very satisfying

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4v1, still loses the fight in every way... i really hope this kid shoots every black shit at the school.

This was in Peru.... the guy was caught molesting an old woman in the toilet of this church