Exclusive YLYL

Exclusive YLYL.

Post a meme in this thread only if you:

1. Make at least 3x the minimum wage in your state.
2. Own a dog.
3. Have a gf.

All others feel free to lurk.

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I make 2.8 times the minimum wage and have a horse
sorry i guess

but 3x the minimum wage is nearly 50 bucks an hour and i think thats pretty hard to meet unless you are closer to middle aged

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Old Lurker here, Watching you crazy fuckers post all kinds of shit here for years.

Very rarely reply to anything, your post Pic triggered me.

1. Make 5x the min. Self employed.
2. Have a Rottweiler and a Hairless cat.
3. Have a Girlfriend*

Now it starts. I will have a girlfriend till Dec 25. Why that specific day. Funny you should ask. That is the day I am going to dump her cheating ass at her families house ant Xmas dinner.

This fucking bitch is going down. 5 years invested only to learn she has been cheating on me with some fucker from work for the last year and some months.

I am waiting to collect all the gifts I am getting. she is getting a fake Tennis braclet, with the understanding that a bigger gift is coming. She thinks its a car, FUCK YOU! Not anymore.

Sorry, sorry im getting amped up just typing this shit. fucking OP with your WONDER pic. Bitch loves that fucking movie.

Xmas dinner is going to be awsome. Everyone is getting a present all right . it will be a folder full of pictures of their angel sucking off some other dude. Then i'm dropping the mic and I,m OUT!

You’re doing gods work user. Sup Forumsless you

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this is going to be one small ass YLYL

Your plan is stupid cause it’s too on the nose. Just start talking to other girls and stay out late etc and then dump her when she finally confronts you

Lmao all this secrecy to give her a tennis racket and shit at her family’s like shit if you could dial back the “seething” a little bit I think you could make a better plan like an adult

You show that dumb bitch, user. I found out after 4 year she just started cheating on me with some fucker from work. Had to find out by looking at her open snap history and from her sister. I feel like somebody kicked the foundation I was standing on after finding it out. Stay well user, and fuck that stupid whore.

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Gf club Bois. It's nice getting laid with minimal effort

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Start a thread right fucking after you complete your mission. Pleaseeeee. Screen shot this and connect it. Take pictures. And let’s see that sluts tits


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Ok zoomer

fuckin righteous as fuck dude. do what this guy said and please make an EEEEPIC thread cause we all want that shit to go down as triumphantly as it should. Godspeed user

When I made this thread I just wanted a non poorfag non nerd YLYL. You turned it into something so much better. This is your thread now user.

Go on with more details about your bitch gf user. I’m pumped for Christmas now more for you than for any shit gift I get tbqh

Old Lurker here.

Sorry had to step away from the puter.
I can't step away, I'm to angry and things have been set in motion. You are probably right but I simply have no fuqs to Giv is this corect term isn't it.

I already fucked up mentioning the rottwieler and the cat. That's done so fuck it. Don't worry after Xmas. I'm going apeshit in Vegas with my friends. Some who know whats going down.

You know what fuck it and especially fuck her.

As of today I will save everything up and when its all done I will hook you guys up. God knows How much great shit I have seen and read on here over the years. Why not give something back.

Unless it blows up in my face, LOL. Doubt it.

Man ty OP I needed to vent hard core.

Give back new OP. Let’s see titties

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What an absolutely fucking righteous payback plan you've conceived. Papa bless and godspeed

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0/3 what are you gonna do about it?

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What if JFK wasn't assassinated, and his head just did that on its own.

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Couldn't be more Scottish

I'll come after xmas just to see how this developed. Please do not dissapoint me :)