My GF is a teacher.. trips see her dirty pics

My GF is a teacher.. trips see her dirty pics

How would you humiliate her?

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Tied up, blindfold, ball gag. Then I'd eat her out, lick her asshole, rub ice all over her body before getting to her nipples, until her pussy was dripping wet.

Then I'd give her the best fucking of her life. Not too hard, but not too gentle.

check em

That sounds incredible

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Thanks, I did it one time for my girl. Sensation play isn't her thing, but she still squirted...

i bet OP wont deliver

Poast feets


Would love to make her squirt

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Dubs get! Check em!

I'm good

It's kind surreal when it happens. It's not like porn lol. Its usually just one or two little spurts or a dribble. The first few times it happened, I thought she was just extra wet.

Carrot in her ass while she wears bunny ears

Check em


may as well roll


I like your sense of humor

I’d tell everyone you are her boyfriend

Humiliate her? Oh no no no, if she's down with mommy role play I'd lick her up and down anywhere she wanted. But since you're talking about humiliation and I have some experience in that department, dim the lights in the room, vader choke hold her and try to lift her with one hand, you won't be able to, don't apply too much pressure and do something stupid though, then slip behind her put left arm around her neck and lift her with right arm and slowly lay her down on her stomach while you lay on top of her. Keep one arm around her neck apply light pressure, have your dick lubed up before hand and her ass crack. If she shuts down completely, keep pressure with left arm on neck, then use right arm to get underneath her and start lightly playing with her pussy, don't even have to insert fingers, you should be slightly erect now if you're not gay and your dick should be slipping around on her ass checks and getting into her crack, try to wiggle around as your dick enters her crack and guide it no hands into pressing on her booty hole, make sure once you align yoru dick with her booty hole it stays there, then apply your body weigth down on her body especially your lower body, pin her in place but don't penetrate her, keep fingering her now like a madman, she'll start getting crazy and lunging back with her ass for your dick to enter, this makes most chicks crazy and you're just basically pinning them down dead weight as they're lunging their ass back fuckin your dick with their asshole, remember to just keep lightly playing with their pussy, never once let them move their hands down to play with their own pussy. Enjoy. They basically ass fuck themselves with your dick while you pin them down on their stomach, all you're doing is restraining and lightly fingering them.


Trips yuh


Lol that would be amazing
Like this?

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Auto bots, roll out




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Respect my dubs
Let's see those feets

You just have to hit and massage her g-spot. But not pound it. It's like when you get a prostate massage. If its steady and gentle you cum buckets, if its rough and inconsistent you go numb.

My body is ready


That’s the most horrific thing i’ve ever witnessed OP


Fuck this worn out pasta and fuck you faggot

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